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  1. Pippen

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    Yup.....walked by this morning.

    I am surprised at the number of people pulling boats and personal watercraft by my house each day headed to simply just turn around.
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  2. terrin

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    Yes most people logically don't even think the Parks Board would be so out of touch with it's citizens to close down the Launch because they only know how to social distance while getting gas or groceries. Sent the web address a blast.
  3. Zodiac fisher

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    Got a response within 1 business day to my complaint emailed to
    Doesn't mean it makes sense but happy with the response time anyway...articles attached.

    "I am responding to your recent inquiry into the usage of the Vanier Boat Launch.

    Senior Health and Government officials have been directing us to stay close to home should you chose to venture out; many destination and coastal communities are asking visitors not to come until we have passed through our current situation. Several outposts along the coast have closed access with the exception of emergency situations. In response to this direction, many other marinas and boat launch locations have been advising their patrons to minimize their presence at their facilities and respect that the C-19 situation means that it is currently not business as usual.

    This approach has been reiterated recently by a CBC article advising boaters to minimize their use of their vessels as well as the attached notice that was posted by the Canadian Coast Guard. (Please see the attached documents and link:

    Consistent with other City, Regional, Provincial and National Parks, vehicle access to parks has either been restricted or eliminated altogether; as you may not be aware the Vanier boat launch is located within Vanier Park. Consistent with the practices being implemented Canada and Province wide, parking oppourtunities are minimized throughout our park network.

    To best support our first responders the Vanier Boat Launch is closed with the exception of emergency agencies and their needs.

    We can assure you that we are attempting to balance the expectations of the park patrons with that of the greater effort to address the challenges of COVID -19.

    The City of Vancouver has and will continue to position itself to err on the side of caution and to do whatever it takes to minimize the health and safety impacts of COVID-19.

    When appropriate, staff focus will be directed towards the reopening of city facilities to the public.

    I hope this explanation addresses your concerns surrounding the status of Vanier Boat launch."

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  4. Zodiac fisher

    Zodiac fisher Active Member

    Also in case you're interested, here is my original email to the site:

    "This email is to lodge a complaint against the closure of the Vanier park boat launch and to inquire about when it will be reopening.

    A boat launch has virtually no touch points and in my opinion, is a very low risk facility to spread COVID-19. As far as I am aware all other municipalities in BC never closed or have long since reopened their boat launches, including Burnaby and Richmond. The Vanier park boat launch was closed April 10th. This has prevented many people from getting outside, out on the water, getting fresh air and has negatively affected their mental health, myself included.

    Personally I keep my boat in my garage and launch at Vanier park to go sport fishing. Fishing is deemed an essential activity to provide food. The closure of the Vanier launch means that I cannot go catch my food unless I drive to another municipality to launch my boat which has a number of associated issues. Marinas including those governed by the City (Burrard Civic, for example) remain open with limitations in place yet those with boats moored their can use them. This is not fair, especially as marinas have a number of touch points creating transmission risk for COVID 19 whereas boat launches have zero touch points.

    I pay a lot of taxes at the personal and corporate level, and property taxes and am getting increasingly frustrated by the closure of Vanier boat launch. I would greatly appreciate any comments on why it was deemed necessary to close in the first place and when the City of Vancouver plans on reopening this facility."

    And my reply to their response:

    "Thank you for the prompt reply. I do appreciate it. I have a few follow up points and questions.

    Firstly, I’d like to point out that pretty much everybody who launches at Vanier park also parks their vehicle and trailer in the lot right beside the launch (EasyPark #71), which does not allow overnight parking. Therefore users of the launch will be staying close to home and not visiting destination and coastal communities as this is simply not feasible between dawn and dusk in a small craft.

    There is an element of trust associated with people doing the right thing and staying close to home, maintaining social distancing and following safe protocols. This is the expectation, the public are adhering to it and this can be expected of boaters.

    The CBC article you provided along with the Coast Guard notice were issued/dated in April and things have significantly changed since. There were 2 new cases yesterday. Bars, pubs and retail stores are now open for business. We are under phase 2 of the provincial reopening approach with camping being allowed in provincial parks shortly. Yet the Vanier boat launch is still closed.

    Respectfully, I am well informed of the provincial COVID actions and guidelines and as far as I am concerned the launch could be open and operating safely while staying well within the provinces COVID guidelines.

    So my original question remains, when does the City plan on reopening the launch? Where does it fit into the provincial reopening approach? The province has published dates and I expect the same of the City."
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  5. James Carr

    James Carr New Member

    They don't seem to have issue with opening schools back up on June 1st!
  6. skunkaroo

    skunkaroo Member

    I just got the same response from Sev:

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  7. paulo

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  8. SpringFever552

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    Re Gold River
    Posted up at Buttle Narrows

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  9. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    The problem is these people don't even have to run for re-election so basically untouchable. If they were taken off the payroll and off our tax money they would likely find a greater urgency to get the ramp open within the covid regulations and justify getting paid again but sadly that is not a concern for them. As you say fishing is an essential service and with many of us not working but still obligated to pay tax dollars to parks staff wouldn't it be great if they could see the wisdom in allowing us to at least feed ourselves.
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  10. Sotally Tober

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    Rocky Point Boat Launch In Port Moody

    At this time, the Rocky Point Boat Launch is open, by reservation only, to Port Moody residents and current annual pass holders. Starting May 20, 2020, the boat launch will be open, by reservation only, to all boaters regardless of residency. Staggered launch times are available for booking from 8:15am to 12noon and from 4pm to 6pm daily. Until further notice, hours of operation are 8am to 12noon and 4pm to 8pm daily. Outside of these operating hours there will be no access to the trailer parking area.

    Port Moody residents and current annual pass holders who wish to book a launch time are asked to do the following:

    • call 604-469-4556 between 8am and 4pm (seven days a week) to request a reservation;
    • have your licence plate number and proof of residency (driver’s licence, B.C. ID, or vehicle insurance papers) on hand;
    • have your credit card ready to pay the daily fee of $22.16 plus a reservation fee (please note starting May 20, 2020, all boaters including current annual pass holders will be required to pay a reservation fee while the reservation system remains in place – $10 for Port Moody residents or $25 for boaters who live outside the city);
    • check your email for your reservation confirmation and further instructions; and
    • when you arrive at the boat launch at your allotted time, show your reservation confirmation through your closed driver’s side window to the City staff person on site and then place it where it can be seen on your dashboard.
    Bookings will be accepted up to two weeks in advance. Please note that reservations may be cancelled at any time if there is a change to the boat launch’s hours of operation.

    IMPORTANT: Please do your part to help slow down the spread of COVID-19: practice physical distancing in the boat launch area and out on the water. Visit Boating BC’s website for tips on maintaining social distancing while boating.

    Physical distancing measures in place at the boat launch include:

    • staggered launch times, available by reservation only, to allow for a maximum of two boats to be launched at a time, from 8:15am to 12noon and 4pm to 6pm, seven days a week;
    • daily restrictions on the number of boats that can be launched, with a maximum of 30 boats per day and a maximum of 30 spaces available for trailer parking;
    • two lanes open on the boat ramp instead of three to create more distance between people as they prepare to launch; and
    • implementation of a traffic management plan to reduce traffic congestion in and around the boat launch, trailer parking lot, and Esplanade Avenue.
  11. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    Get with it Vancouver. If you can't be a leader at least be a follower.
  12. Mike1266

    Mike1266 Member

    $50 for a launch...
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  13. Lucky Streak

    Lucky Streak Active Member

    must be a posh warf with velvet ropes and valet launching for that price
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  14. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Here in nanaimo its $1 per hr up to 5hr, $6 for 24hr.
    1st class ramps and parking, with free wash down area for boat and trailer.
    1 thing the city has done very well
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  15. littlechucky

    littlechucky Well-Known Member

    Do any launches there have secure overnight parking for truck and trailer?
  16. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    None that i know of..
  17. roadtrip

    roadtrip New Member

    Cates gates came down this morning . Spoke with the by-law girl writing up some poor fellow . She said they are open and business as usual .No silly reservations or extra fees like Rocky Point
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  18. Jon

    Jon Active Member

    Be launching there tomorrow , my buddy lives 5 minutes away he confirmed this .
  19. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    Woohoo! Thanks for the updates!!
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  20. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    Finally hope it trickles down to Vanier,
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