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    looking for advice! The old Honda 250 is getting the hours on her. Still runs great, but I’m wondering if I should be trying a 4 blade prop? I’ve been running 3 blade stainless since day 1. Has been great other then heading out. I always overload the boat. Just my application.......enough fuel to last 4 days, 5 guys, enough cooler space, beer for the guys, food, and ice. Is what it is. I run pretty high rpm to stay on step on the way out when I’m loaded up. Usually 46-48 burning 2.0-2.2 mpg. Once I burn off some fuel it performs great. 44 burning 2.5-3.0 mpg. Fuel economy is the single most important thing for me since I do 300 mile round trips and try not to hit a pump until I’m back. Should I be trying a 4 blade so that I can stay on step at a lower rpm? Just wondering everyone’s thoughts? Cheers!


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