Bite Me derby 2014

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  1. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    I'm trying to find a link (with boundary info and rules) to this years Bite me derby - I can't seem to find any useful information.
  2. Bag-Juan

    Bag-Juan Active Member

    Yeah, i was trying to also. not sure , maybe they cancelled it cause lack of fish.
  3. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    Found this on the FB page:

    Bite-Me Fishing Derby Tickets are $75 per rod. One person can have two rods but must have two tickets ($150). On Saturday, Aug 16 the weigh-scale opens at 7:00am and closes at 6:00pm. On Sunday Aug 17th the weigh-scale reopens at 7:00am and closes at 12:00 noon. Cutoff times are enforced. Top prize is $10,000 cash prize for the largest salmon and there are prizes for the 19 runner-up salmon. Only one prize per ticket is awarded.

    "Weigh in station is Pedder Bay Marina"

    The poster says the boundaries are "Albert Head west to east of Sheringham Lighthouse"

    Bite Me.jpg
  4. rockdog

    rockdog Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, tickets still available?
  5. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Well-Known Member

    yup, interested any word on tickets still available?
  6. Finished Business

    Finished Business Well-Known Member

    I see four contact numbers on the poster for tickets. Try one.
  7. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Believe ou can get tix and side bet at wise buys.
  8. Trowser

    Trowser Member

    Does anyone know if there are prizes given out after the top 25 salmon? i.e. does #26 and down get a set prize based off weight like in the past?
  9. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Well how did it go? Must have been a few boats out this weekend... was it a big white that took it?
  10. plumbcrazy

    plumbcrazy Member

    Alittle 25 lb fish won. Hardley any fish caught!
  11. rockdog

    rockdog Well-Known Member

    Bill at wisebuys told me that 6 fish were weighed in yesterday....300 tickets sold...
  12. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    6??? Holy crap.
  13. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    I heard 59 springs over 15 pounds were wieghed in for Saturday and Sunday - must be a record low number of springs for the Bite me derby.
  14. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    I heard the winner was just over 25lbs and only 4 fish entered were over 20lbs.
    slow fishing, and low size.
  15. Azorian

    Azorian Member

    25.1lb - 1st Place, 25.1lb - 2nd Place, 24.2lb - 3rd Place & 24.1lb - 4th Place which I got...Not many fish weighed in for sure & lots of fog, but no wind so that was nice.
  16. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Side bet paid out to 6th place I think.
    5 more boats will be buying it next year I think. $4900 bonus to 6th place fish would be a great win for him.

  17. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Oh, and fun derby.
    Have not been in this one for about 10 years.
    Well run I thought. Nice to get out of there at reasonable time. Wrapped up before 4:00.
    20 Fish prizes plus 20 draw prizes and raffles.

    Top 3 fish smoked, canned and donated to food bank.
    This derby also paid for and distributed (through donations) defibrillators into 5 marinas from Vic to Sooke and training given to the staff at those marinas. Someone else with better knowledge of this could elaborate. I am only going on what I heard at the Derby.
    Lots of money raised for local salmon enhancement.

    Nice job!

  18. porcupine

    porcupine Active Member

    The total number of fish weighed in was an all time low and very frustrating for most derby entrants. There were 37 salmon weighed in on Saturday and 22 salmon weighed in on Sunday. The first place salmon weighed 25.1 lbs and was caught by Andy Budgell near the Bedfords.. The second place salmon also weighed 25.1 lbs but was weighed in after the other same size fish and was caught by David Chung . Third place went to a 24.2 lb spring caught byTed Dawes. The largest bottomfish was a 16.6 lb Ling cod caught by Mark Dolny.
  19. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    Great post. Not all derbies can be what everyone expects out of them (big fish lol). It sounds like some of the funds went to a good cause. This is what I like to read as I am not a derby type fisherman and never have been. I like to see what the left over money goes towards. Thank you for sharing :).

    I just started entering derbies in the last couple of years. The only reason I have been entering them is for the cause and meeting new folks. A novel idea that some folks seem to miss unfortunately.
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  20. Andrew P

    Andrew P Well-Known Member

    You nailed it. Derbies bond a community around a shared passion and can have a positive tangible result on that passion if focused in the right way; creates a conduit to funnel dollars into salmon enhancement/conservation and hence more fish in the sea and therefore more fish in the box.

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