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  1. Fishtank

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    So my buddy just won a trip for 2 at langara fishing lodge at a auction for charity. He got it for a really good price and of course want to take me!! We will be doing self guided most likely. What time of year would you choose for consistant action? Super excited and any advise would be helpful. We might want to do one day guided to get familir with the area but we'e not sure yet.thanks!
  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Last half of August for Coho-should still be Springs around but Coho should be On Fire usually is-take light rods.
  3. Fishtank

    Fishtank Active Member

    Sorry I should have said consistant spring action but I appreciate your input regardless
  4. california

    california Well-Known Member

    It depends on the year, and depends on what you want. Mid June can be really good for teen size Chinook (the odd bigger ones) , but a little early for coho action. You also get a lot of time on the water if you are self guiding as the days are long that close to the summer solstice, and it's early enough you also will probably avoid the pinks. Early season usually has more bad weather days, but you can almost always find a sheltered place to fish no matter where the weather is coming from. Later on in July and early August the Chinook numbers may not be as high, but there are more big ones, and the Coho show up as well.

    Langara is pretty easy to Fish if you can cut a decent cut plug, you can get guided one day if you want, but the guides are probably going to just take you to Coho, McPherson, Boulder or Lacy depending on the wind and tides and drag around cut plugs on the wire. If the fishing is tough there are other spots they will go, and they will catch fish when you maybe won't, but if the fish are there, there will usually be good bites at the 4 main spots. The guides also make the run to some spots on the West side of Graham Island if its tough at Langara, but they don't want the smaller self guided boats heading to those in case it gets foggy or rough.

    You can read the archived reports on the lodge websites too to get a better idea of what and when. West Coast fishing Club and Langara have their reports on their website, do a bit of research reading those for the last few seasons. Its a beautiful area, enjoy the trip, we all need more friends like that that that will take us to premium lodges!
  5. ericl

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    The commercial troll fishery in that area has traditionally opened June 15 for BC & July 1 for SEAK (SE Alaska). It has a negative impact on sports fishing. The fish fight hard for their size & most fishing is done w/o flashers. I'd go early like early-mid june.
  6. Fishtank

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    Thanks, has anybody ever been to langara lodge? I don' know really what to expect
  7. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Yes I've been it's fine not too much upsell which is nice-food wasn't the best but my standards are higher than most.

    Boats are what matter and they are exactly what you need find the 'sweet spot' and they golikehell with no pounding.

    Wasn't impressed with their fishing tackle supplied for self guided though definitely take your own rods/reels/flashers/lures/herring helmets; having no downrigger sucks take some Deep Sixes and or/ Dipsey Divers you'll do well with them just cutplugging all day gets old fast IME.

    Also take your own fishing hat-the 50 cent POS they supply is good for exactly SFA- the boots & cruiser suits are fine gloves, a toque, a scarf, heavy sox, and long underwear are all you need that and sunglasses, sunscreen/lip balm in case.

    Camera & binocs too.
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  8. Tugcapitan

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    If it was me, last two weeks of July to the end of first week in August is Chinook/Spring prime time.
  9. Rover

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    For good numbers June 15-July 10. For a good chance at a real big one I'd be booking July 15-aug 10.

    Bottom fishing is better earlier but that's not what most people are going for.
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  10. Fishtank

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