Best saltwater utility boat to buy?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by jcon12, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. jcon12

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    A question likely many have faced.. I am looking at purchasing a new (to me) boat and looking for some advice! I'll be using it to fish, overnight in the islands and explore the coast and Vancouver island fishery. I currently run a grady gulfstream but due to towing limitations it will stay in the slip.

    I am willing to purchase from anywhere in north america and considering the following boats (though most are absolute unicorns)- Arima 21HT, c-dory 22 cruiser, parker 2120 and campion explorer but looking for suggestions in the 20-23' range.

    Outboard engine
    Decent fuel economy (3mpg ish+)
    V berth
    Sport/enclosed cabin
    Decent fishing deck
    Trailerable with V8 suv (4-6k lbs and 8'6" and under beam)

    Thanks so much guys - appreciate the local feedback!
  2. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    The correct answer is a 16' Fiberform trihull with a 90hp yamaha. Anyone who tells u otherwise is lying to u!
  3. acrowe

    acrowe New Member

    I like the picture of the popemobile, it looks like good visibility and ability to get of the rain for winter fishing. I have a little Arima sea explorer, which I am pleased with and I have fished on a friends Arima in the size you are looking for. It would be a nice boat, I think it would do what you want.
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  4. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Im sorry sir, I didnt mean to hijack your post with my shitty boat and shitty jokes. Whats wrong with the grady white that you have now? It seems like it fits the bill for what you want, unless its over 8'6" beam?
  5. JohnnyRingo

    JohnnyRingo New Member

    Arima HT or Parker, in ascending order of desirability and seaworthiness.
  6. Brando

    Brando Active Member

    What about renting a pickup truck to tow the gulfstream or purchasing an older truck for this purpose?
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  7. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    Who are these guys talking you out of the quiver of boats!!! I think I have seen an Arima come up in that price range but it is rare. The C-Dory 22 would likely be a pre-1999 at that price range, if I remember two sold well above that in BC this summer but were 2007ish vintage. Coming from the Grady world I would really get out in a C-Dory before keeping it on your list. They are light and efficient all around boats but the ride is likely no where near as nice as the Parker or Grady. Morano 21's should be on the list, they often have the camper back!
  8. jcon12

    jcon12 Member

    thanks for the suggestions! The grady is actually my fathers boat and has a beam of 9'3" (also weighs close to 9k loaded up) and with the offshore bracket and pulpit reaches over 30' long. We'd have to purchase a trailer and proper truck which would get expensive fast (though probably cheaper than another boat). The grady also average 1.6 mpg when cruising on longer trips which is almost unaffordable to do on a regular basis.

    Part of my drive for another boat is to have one of my own - i've used "his" stuff for most of my life and I personally prefer the autonomy over my own towns I guess.

    I'm also considering a smaller (older hull) grady or a 23/25 boston whaler revenge cuddy as i'd prefer an older hull with newer power.

    Can't yet decide on a skip top or a full pilot house enclosure either .. I probably need to remind myself the "perfect" boat doesn't exist!
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  9. dance a jig

    dance a jig Member

    You will be hard pressed to find a pilothouse with outboard for the budget you mentioned, unless boat without much deadrise. If a walkaround is good for you, you can't go wrong with a Pursuit 2470 which was build from 1995 to 2005 with same hull. Based on your checklist:

    $35-45k - yes
    Outboard engine - yes
    Decent fuel economy (3mpg ish+) - yes
    V berth - yes
    Sport/enclosed cabin - only the v-berth, but a hardtop and side curtains help alot
    Decent fishing deck - yes, very big dance floor, particularly '95 to '99 models
    Trailerable with V8 suv (4-6k lbs and 8'6" and under beam) - yes, but should dress out in the 6,500 lb range (trailer, outboard, kicker, fuel, equipment)

    Adding to this list:
    quality construction - yes; excellent gel coat, stringer system, electrical system, and non-skid.
    excellent stability & ride - yes; very big water capable
    good looking - yes

    I have had one and miss it, and 3 buddies have them and we all love the 2470. I recently opened my wallet for a Seasport 2400 XL outboard, and although it is a great boat, the Pursuit had a nicer ride IMHO. If you look for one, look hard this offseason on the east coast, as that is where you will find them, often cheap and with a nice aluminum trailer.

    good luck to you. DAJ
  10. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member


    here is a pursuit 2550
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  11. silver surfer

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  12. dance a jig

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  13. Bifmalibu

    Bifmalibu Active Member

    I'd suggest getting over your desire for autonomy and use the old man's boat. Save your money for sensible things like coke, hookers and black firearms.
  14. tightlines

    tightlines Active Member

    You might be able to find Grady overnighter or adventure in that price range. With a hardtop they are a tidy little machine
  15. prodjsaig

    prodjsaig Well-Known Member

    Polar would be a nice boat minus the pilot house. That pursuit looks sweet I like the windows I dont like the oval windows on the polars or stripers. Looks shitty.
  16. wildthing

    wildthing Well-Known Member

    buy my 22' biddison and pod it[​IMG]
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  17. zfish

    zfish Member

    How much?
  18. wildthing

    wildthing Well-Known Member

    looking for 10k, with the kicker 8 hp 4 stroke yamaha with hyd steering 12k
    option with trailer as well ..
    so total package $14K
    its KEM/merc 4.3 V6 alpha gen 2 leg
    hdy steering seastar helm
    with Lowrance hook 7 chrip sonar/chartplotter with map chip
    its a deep vee 20* hull with bennett trim tabs
    PM if you want to know more
    just had the leg gimbal/ bellows redone ...
  19. lemmy

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