best boat shelter 10' x 20'

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    Alex’s new Honda pilot fits in there perfect. She has to put one tire on the rocks but so far no problems. For anchoring it to the driveway just have the front legs in some deck blocks and four ratchet straps going from the shelter down to the boat trailer. The neighbour is going to help me Hilti a couple eyebolts down to the driveway soon to keep er from getting airborne.
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    I went for 15 years with a locally designed rig that used 2" steam-bent PVC pipe and a heavy duty plastic truck tarp. Probably replaced the tarp about 4 times, and it didn't do too well in the Blizzard of '96.

    After I rebuilt my boat, I decided a metal shelter was a good way to protect the investment. Its been 13 years, and the only maintenance has been about 3 power-washings. Lots of flexibility in the design re. height, width, length - mine is 20'x24' and covers the Hourston and my truck [or a car and camper].
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