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    I am a bit biased, but the 24' Eaglecraft Talon is an awesome platform.
    It's not the best at everything, but it does everything with confidence.

    The earlier Eaglecraft crew boats had a pretty flat bottom, and while fast, would pound in the lump.
    The Talon eats waves, but you need to be on the trim tabs at all times.

    We fish five guys at Brown's Bay Chum Derby and two or three on the West Coast.
    My Dad and Mom circumnavigated Vancouver Island twice on the boat.

    You have to pay to play, but once set up, it is economical and requires normal maintenance.
    Not sure if the file attached, not my boat and no longer for sale I think, but gives an idea.

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  2. kaelc

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    Thanks guys, trying to avoid anything that goes over 100k Canadian, with taxes. Had a survey done on a boat yesterday and as long as I get a few questions hours we'll have a ferry ride and a 5 hour drive to go pick it up. The one my sights are set on is not exactly what we were looking for but checks a ton of boxes and has a big fishing deck!
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    Took a trip to Hood River, OR at the start of January to find the Surveyor had missed the fact the keels of the Cat I was going to buy had been worn down to the glass in a few spots. Got within $1000 of buying it but decided it wasn't worth tons of USD to buy a project. Came home disappointed but resolved to spend more money on a new boat.

    I ended up buying a 25' C-Dory Cruiser. The stand up head, tall cabin, large v-berth, cockpit canvas, self bailing deck and 200+ mile range and lower cost of ownership (hopefully) sold me on it. I'll pay the price on days with a lot of chop heading out to boarder bank and constance but with less fish and fishing in my future it is a great boat for my family and still being able to fish!

    Thanks for all your ideas comments and sending me boats!
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    Congrats, without exception every owner I have talked to loves their C Dory and uses them to cruise and tour enjoying the economy of the design. Trim tabs make a substantial difference in chop.

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