Bertram VS Hourston Conversation...

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    Any idea how long that's been true? Boating Industry Canada put this out in August -

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    I think they shut down about 2 years ago, the real estate in North Van has been sold to Bluestar Motors (car dealer) and the moulds are with someone who has posted on SFBC recently saying they will be revising the designs and selling now boats based on the originals via an online portal. It seemed to me that the actual production was going to happen offshore...They're definitely done.
  3. Robert Snyder

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  4. Robert Snyder

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    Truth or Lie?

    Hourston's flip when capsized, my understanding is that to comply with CG Regulations a vessel has to stay upright if/while swamped for the design to pass approval. So, the new owners of the molds are not grandfathered as was the 1923 builder "Hourston" which had no such regulation back-in-the-day. Therefore a recertification of the hull has to be submitted for compliance, which is costly and time consuming...

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    I don't know about that cg regulation, got a link? I would think that any boat filled with water that has 5 dudes hanging on will roll over? Anyway I'm not gonna find out with mine lol
  6. Robert Snyder

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    Mine either, lol i'm not sure the validity of the info above, might be a bunch of rubbish! Would love to know for certain...
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    Any boat that only has flotation/foam on the bottom but not the sides will flip when sunk.
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    Plenty of new boats that sink if the battery goes dead and they don’t have a self-bailing deck (riverhawk and more manufacturers). So I doubt that is a CG requirement. The boat is going down and that’s the way she goes

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  9. Robert Snyder

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    So likely a bunch of hog-wash on the CG reg ...! Ya don't know until you ask :oops:
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    Might be talking about a commercial licensing deal.
  11. Robert Snyder

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    Makes sense...
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    I had a stability test done for my Transport Canada rating. The guy has a bunch of plastic barrels he filled with water to make the boat list. He had some meter to measure the amount of list. He put a lot of weight on one side (3 barrels) and then overall (6) and it didn’t roll over, lol.
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  13. Robert Snyder

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    You'r kidding, wow that is impressive...!
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    I’m sure the full floatation pod helped a lot
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    I thought I had heard that over a certain length there was no floatation needed. Think it was between 18ft and 20ft, that's why you see guys digging out wet foam form so many that size and not larger boats.
  16. wildthing

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    25 or 26' berty all day
    the beam is where its at
    3-4 people or more on board and its the berty

    just you or one other then what ever floats your boat ...
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    I always thought that as well....

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