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  1. seascene

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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with fishing this area particularly fly fishing. I will be travelling by boat and will also have a motorized dingy. I understand the Bella Coola River is rated high but I do not know if there are suitable anchorages nearby.

    ... thanks
  2. Cuba Libre

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    This will help...

    Its been many years since I worked and fished in the Bella Coola and Atnarko rivers. It was incredible at that time for cutts, dollies, steelhead and salmon bach then... Reports I have heard in the last couple of years are up and down. I am sure you could get some good info from FlyFish BC
  3. Cuba Libre

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  4. Goathorns

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    There have been articles written for BC Sport Fishing magazine on the river. Mostly Cutthroat fly fishing. Steelies are way down from historical. River levels should/may be critical, so I would consult the river graphs from the river levels site. Seems to get too high in April when the snow starts to melt. Seems to mirror the Chilliwack, in that fashion.
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    What time of year are you looking to go?

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