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  1. treblig

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    So we ventured to an estuary . The salmon were there and it was low tide on slack. Sometimes the coho and springs were within 40 feet but we could not get them to bite except one spring jack. At least they are on the beaches. With the weather changing for the worst it may turn the bite on. Today was calm but over cast . Once we get a chop then I believe like in the past they will be active to our offerings.
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  2. Pineapple Express

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    Beautiful fish! Roughly speaking where are you fishing? The Island? Fly fishing or casting spoons/spinners?
  3. Normfish

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    Looks like clipped fish as well, very nice .
  4. treblig

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    We are on the island. They were moving fast. To fast to fly fish as you would have to be constantly blind fishing. We held off till we saw them and then cast over there position and then brought the lure to them. We were throwing spoons,spinners and lead lures.
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    Hi Treblig - I sent you a message into your inbox on the website.

  6. NY Giants

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    Going to make my way to the Bowser area on Sunday from Victoria. Hoping to find some coho to try out my switch rod on and get my first beach caught coho.
  7. treblig

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    Beach Journal 09/24/2018
    Last Monday we started at Campbell River exploring all the beaches going south. We found nothing. We worked our way to Salmon point and walked the beach so we could see if there any action near the Oyster River estuary. We found nothing. Finally reached Saratoga Beach and saw in a distance a huge amount of shore anglers and pontooner, kayakers, and float tube all around one area. A great sign that salmon was in the area but that was allot of anglers. We met an angler that just arrived as we did and he said there was over 24 anglers there . To many anglers for us. We stayed awhile but just could not reach the ones that showed near us. We decided to venture south again and found a beach showing movement in the water. It was a school but not sure if they were old pinks . A nice silver decided to jump up and we new we have discovered some cohos. Our timing was off as we only had about an hour before slack tide and often that shut the salmon down. I was able to hook into two but lost them. We are going to zone into this beach first tomorrow and I hope our timing will be correct.

    Now the exciting part . I often get lures to test out . I received two More-silda spoons to try out for coho. Very slim design 2/3 ounce, 3 inch long. This lure is called a slider spoon as often they catch fish on the drop.
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  8. NY Giants

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    Very jealous, work gets in the way ;)
  9. NY Giants

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    Treblig how long do you search a beach before moving onto the next one? Any rule of thumb you follow?
  10. treblig

    treblig Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the beach itself. Binoculars are a major tool to view north and south. Sometimes you have to walk around bends to see farther. I would say no less than 10 minutes and some times 25 minutes.
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  11. NY Giants

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    Great, hope to add a summary of a successful trip this weekend
  12. treblig

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    Beach Journal 09/26/2018

    We had scouted this beach the other day and arrived to late 1 hour before slack low tide. So today was the very opposite arriving 1 hour after slack high tide. In other words the tide is started to drop. We saw no salmon jumping but we could recognize schools moving under the surface.

    One of the cardinal rules I tell all anglers, bring all the lures you have as today our favorite spinners did not work. Then we went to spoons including the new spoon to test out and with no results. A fly angler was able to get two. He had a small school in front of himself. He was using a blue and white small fly.

    Two hours later there was significant signs of salmon schooling and jumping. They were moving fast. There were times nothing showing then a jump within 20 feet and gone. Most of the salmon were long distance out so we had to go to lead lures. I favour 2 inch Zingers and we used a pink and black stripe. Turned out a good selection. We were able to change directions of our casts fast and with the strong wind often coer over 150 feet. The day ended for us with 8 coho landed all being wild.

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  13. Ronanmd1

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    Looks like you guys had an awesome day! Awesome and thanks for the update
  14. Fish Camp

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    I have been to saratoga beach this year ,did not fish.there is a hatchery on the oyster and many of the fish are now in that system.As you desribed the fishers were at the black creek and so were the fish.There is no hatchery on the black creek and 2019 is the fish return anniversery of a large fuel spill into black creek and northy lake.the fish went up the black creek during the rain we had got trapped and some made it back to sea.There are many river systems with hatcherys for coho and the beaches at the estuarys must be given a try .Nice job on landing 8 wild coho from the black creek system.
  15. NY Giants

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    Well I made my way up island today to battle the rain and started my search at Nile creek. Didn't see anything. So went to some the beaches in deep bay, nada. Started my way south and didn't find anything. So reversed course and went to the little Q estuary and saw a few coho jumping. Couldn't entice them. Went up the little Q and found a pool that had coho and a couple springs. Not my day. Did get a nice little cutty while in the little Q. Back to hit the Sooke tomorrow. Still a beach coho virgin.
  16. treblig

    treblig Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was a tough day . Usually the day after these huge storms are not good either.
  17. robertg

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    I see 14-11 and 14-14 closed but can not see any reference to the rest of area 14 being closed
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    Agreed with robertg, that app is not showing the same info as the DFO website.
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    Once you open the specifics on the DFO web page, only 3 river mouths are closed (75m radius from mouth): Trent River, Hart (Washer) Creek and Mallard Creek. Courtenay River mouth and shoreline is open but has a single barbless requirement. Looks like the problem with the app is that it doesn’t expand to show the specifics of that specific “all finfish” regulation.


  20. treblig

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    Beach Journal October 4 2018

    Its been a struggle first finding them then trying to get them to bite. We traveled from the north and the most common beaches that hold salmon we barren. Those that had fish the next day were gone. Its also in the timming. On our way home we stopped at a beach we looked at ealier with the tide low. With the tide rising it was a different condition. On a rising tide this beach is best on the other side . With binoculars we saw the odd splashes and new we had to get over their before the tide gets to high. Luck was with us and we had about two hours to fish. The down side none of my lures would work . Randy though was lucky twice with a lure I never seen before, he had a extra lure for me and sure enough I hooked into two. The winds were SE the worst and the temperture was around 7 with rain.

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