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  1. GLG

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    I’m working on a welded tin boat fixing up some of the wiring. The previous owner put an on-off battery switch on the negative post. Should I change that to the positive side? Does it even matter? If it should be changed can any one tell me why. Thanks GLG
  2. Time

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    Until the experts weigh in.
    Generally any fuse or switch should be on the positive wire.
    On a boat, aluminium in particular, a stray ground conductor can be anything, hence if the disconnect is on the negative, you can still have a completed circuit. If the disconnect is on the positive wire, a stray ground connection isn't going to complete the circuit.
    That's why Scotty specifies the fuse on their electric downriggers be mounted on the positive wire.
    Hope that makes sense.
  3. MyEscape

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    GLG on every boat I have ever been on and that equates to many I have never seen a battery shutoff on the negative side always on the possitive side that way everything is 100% off on the boat with the exception of the bilge pumps which should have there own in line fuse and be wired directly to the battery. JMHO

    Cheers ME

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  4. GLG

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    Thanks guys. I will change it over to normal. GLG

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