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    Oh man !!! Just so good. 15 oysters in a glass oven dish-- but first melt some butter to liberally coat the bottom of the dish. Add a clove of chopped garlic to the dish (or fresh garlic powder if you prefer ) Layer fresh spinach in the dish. 1" to 2 " .. now quickly parboil around 15 Large oyster in a pot with 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and a small amount of salt. Place the oysters around the dish and lightly cover with grated parmesan or romano cheese. Cover the oysters with a generous layer of spinach and more butter,, and add more cheese and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cover the dish with a tinfoil lid. Bake at 370 F for around 35 minutes. Serve over rice of you choice......... My wife who normally stays away from oysters loves this too ! This similar to other Oysters Rockerfeller posted but it SO simple
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    Pic ? :)
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    Naw-- you dont want to see the end product !!!!! :p
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    oh boy :eek:
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    Got a craving now for some Oyster Rockerfeller..
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    WHAT !!!! no pernod

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    I made this last night from some fresh oysters I got from beach its my version of simple I chop up oysters into small pieces then I saute mushrooms and onion and garlic then toss in some greens (spinach,kale beet tops) last night was kale then a simple Japanese mayo , mayo with ponzo,rice vinegar.lemon and a bit of sugar bake for 15 mins. the rest is farm pork chop with a Jamaican rub on bbq
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