Bamfield Winter 2016

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by the fog ducker, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    headin west in the am ta play ,any info on the road in ? been a while for me

  2. Inshore

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  3. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member


    most chum ive seen this year in a longgg time , sarita river mouth and sound loaded ,
    sea lions shredding all wknd ,throwing them around like rag dolls ,
    few feeders around , hooked a half dozen smaller ones that we released ,
    lost what felt ta be a gooder right off the bottom , straightened the hook , hit like a freight train ,
    few bugs starting to show , crabbing the shits as usual around sarita ,
    great wknd with a great friend , pretty crazy weather , not for the timid ,
    roads in good shape ,
    whales put on a show for us all wknd , breeching everywhere , and in packs ,
    CAUTION !!!

    till next time

  4. sparrow139

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    Went out yesterday mostly just to get out and run the boat , pawning was poor in the sound( for us) ,Crabbing was decent in Holford bay and pulled up a 8lb spring from the wall between pill point and Vernon bay.
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