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  1. Petey

    Petey New Member

    I have a quick question regarding fishing in Bamfield.
    I have been to bamfield a couple times about 15 years ago with my dad and brothers. My dad still lives on Vancouver island but myself and brothers have moved away from BC. We are all making a visit this summer and are planning a trip up to bamfield
    I have done a lot of research, mainly by reading reports etc.. on this site about bamfield, thanks everyone. So my question is.
    How much do tides affect fishing there? Is fishing more productive with big tides, around the full moon, or the more mellow tides? Keeping in my mind that we will be fishing strictly inshore.
    Any advice/knowledge would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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  2. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    slacks always seem better , high or low. same as most inshore fisheries. knowing where and when takes some time to learn. i just follow the guide boats. lol

    the wall on the flood, along with whittle-stone , kirby.... i find the deep water at kirby is better on the low slack.

    poke around, you will find em if you are presenting properly.
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  3. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Standard 2 hours each side of slack. I always make sure I'm fishing precisely where I want to be during that window and limit my moves during the golden 2 hours. That's not to say you can't catch fish at other times, just that the tide flips are always most productive.
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  4. Petey

    Petey New Member

    Thanks for the couple replies. I realize that just before and after slack are better fishing times.
    I'm more wondering if the big tides around a full moon are more or less productive than a more mellow tide change, or if there's really no difference
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  5. gamechanger

    gamechanger Well-Known Member

    From my time on the water I have noticed that full moons usually bring new fish with them and you can have really aggressive bites around the slacks when there are big swings...and it can go both on and off like a light switch. If it's a full moon on a clear night the fishing can be slow the next morning, and sometimes the afternoon/evening bite is better. Like Searun says stay for the time before and after, and don't run around thinking that you aren't in the right spot. Find a spot that you know has fish and stick and stay and make it pay. Inshore during the big exchanges you might as well be making breakfast, offshore it doesn't seem to matter as much. Mellow tides can be better for hali's because the smaller swings make it easier to fish for them, but you still catch them on big exchanges at slack or close to fave is 1 hr after high water, but same thing once the tide starts ripping your production drops right off.
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