Bamfield Poett Nook 2014- 2015

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by the fog ducker, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Nice bunch of fish and some happy campers for sure!! Tight Lines guys, have a good summer-if I see you in Bam town or for the shootout I'll spot you a brewski and show you some "bling"
  2. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    No issues there Spring Fever, always happy to pass along tips as well as receive them. Just didn't want anyone thinking the fishing was super slow. The fish are bouncing around a lot in Barkley Sound. Probably because they have too much choice with all the bait everywhere.

    BTW, I like experimenting as much as anyone...but usually save that for fair weather days when you can afford to be picky. Tried and true stuff is battle tested. I often find guys really over-think fishing. We are trying to fool an animal with a pea size brain, so simple is good.
  3. rapid

    rapid Member

    Hey searun, I saw that exact picture in the Island Angler 3 years ago what's up with that???
  4. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    Really?? Probably just a similar one...I hope...Three years ago? You have a better memory than I do. I can hardly remember what I had for supper yesterday!LOL!
  5. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    I'm in that pic and it was from 2 days ago must be a different pic
  6. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    Quess an apology and retraction are in order..
  7. Bod

    Bod Active Member

    Picture taken on my dock Friday afternoon. And some people wonder why I don't post reports or pictures.
  8. rapid

    rapid Member

    It's okay lads simmer down, just harassing a fishing buddy..... letting him know I'm back in town.
  9. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    Figured as much... Keep it up,, payback is always the most fun... I am constantly looking out for pals getting their revenge!!
  10. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, when will we be seeing the El Grande Loco plying the waters of Barkley Sound? Time for a little bump and grind NAS Car sportfishing action. BTW, checked those photos on my dock from 3 years ago, and they are pretty similar but for some random dude passed out in my lawn chair. :cool:
  11. rapid

    rapid Member

    Buenos Dias,
    Camped on the hook in Effingham Bay last Sat, fished Sunday AM Meares & Cree. Released the chinook that weren't bleeding & still had our limits by 10:30. Good day on the water, no Hali's but we'll get em on round two. Normal depths 91' bait on one side coyotes on the other both produced but bait was better.

    I'll be out there this week shoot you a text.
  12. banger17

    banger17 Well-Known Member

    Back from a weekend in Bamfield - Friday afternoon we fished the wall and managed a couple undersize and a 12lb spring. Saturday morning went to Kirby from 07-1100 and managed 4 springs, 17 being the biggest and the rest about 8 pounds. Also threw back a few borderline keepers to live another day. fish caught on everything including anchovies, army truck hootchies and spoons in the 70-100 ft depths.
    Fished Saturday afternoon along Bradys beach and the wall and didnt get anything else other than a couple undersize. Of all the boats we saw out there, there were folks getting into the odd smaller fish, but it didnt seem like too much was going on overall.
  13. xavier

    xavier Member

    How is the road? Either Alberni or Lake Cowichan route info appreciated.
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  14. Road from Port Alberni is wash boardy first 12 kms then good. Cowichan lake through Flora was great Friday afternoon.

  15. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    Just back
    as Kronic said , 12 k in from port was da chits , take your time , really smooths out past that , 1hr 15 min for me yesterday ,

    Gotta roll here , quick report , cause honestly , its very slow for most , ALOT of small springs again..
    atleast inshore , heard big bank was good around Rats if ya wanted ta pound it out for smaller springs ,
    but inshore , most boats had very few fish , we got 10 fish in 3 days , biggest was only 16 lb ,
    Bamfield Harbour and Wall, Meathole ( flemming ) had a bit of an afternoon bite,,
    , Danvers , ,Kirby, Cree were the only places we found very limited fish in the mornings ,
    one here , one there.......
    seen very few nets out on any sporty's boats , yes we used very traditional blingless gear lol...
    60 -100 feet on spoons , 5-6 ft leaders , greens n blues , 3.5 in
    tubouts = guided trips i guess , our tables had little blood on em , in all fairness ,
    we did have a full moon over the wknd , but was good fishin thursday and friday leading up to it,,,

    gillnetters are out for another day today , watch for them ,
    2 boats tried there luck for sox on Sat at Nahmint , 3 fish total only ...but , a few jumpin !!

    thats it , an honest report that a few might not like lol...
    gd lk , back ta work

    my Cracka pal Stefano with a great bbq fish... , :) ....

  16. tykkyt e blue

    tykkyt e blue Well-Known Member

    on my way to Bam now.. I hope to see whats going around south bank or up to sw corner.
    I'll report when I get cell service or after my second drink, umm, er, something like that
  17. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    I will get a report from my buds from harrisons.. They were all over south bank fathers day weekend.
  18. lordofthesprings

    lordofthesprings Well-Known Member

    appreciate the reports I'm heading out on fri-mon !!
  19. xavier

    xavier Member

    Thanks for the info Kronic and FD.
  20. tykkyt e blue

    tykkyt e blue Well-Known Member

    I went offshore on weds..stopped at 5 mile and the dinosaur, no bait and no fish, so I headed out the Rats Nose.. LOADED w bait and lots of fish. Mostly the 8lb size ( too many really ) and a few teeners. My depths were deep, 145 to 175'. A couple small hali came up to the 175' rod so there must be a fair number out there. I didn't try after the 2 one the troll.
    Thurs was enough sw wind that I stayed inshore. Fished from Mears to Cree and got one 18lb at 77' on a green/blue hoochie. I saw several other fish netted in the morning but then left at 10am once the tide was swinging.
    I went to Swale and Diplock to hide from the wind but had no luck w fish.. water is quite warm in the sound, 61.4 on my sounder and there was little bait showing.
    I did hear of a 26 and a 28lb coming from Keena? ( sp?) bay so maybe the surfline is a worthwhile try.
    Not sure how much this report helps, but that what it was for me

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