Bamfield Poett Nook 2014- 2015

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by the fog ducker, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Yup, great reports still and they were even larger average size today. Tons of fish around. All of those fish are hatchery. Majority caught or released were also hatch, so God Bless America! There is a commercial sockeye gill net fishery next tuesday, so that should clean up any chinook hanging about and swimming shallow. Fortunately most of the fish are deep. Will make for good sport dodging the nets, but thankfully only one day opening in Barkley Sound. I might have to go offshore hali fishing that day.
  2. pwport

    pwport Member

    I was out on Monday, May 26, started at the Bamfield Wall (where I heard it was "on fire")....and we didn't get a bite. We saw one other boat there & it seemed pretty slow for them (although they said they had 2). Then we headed over to Kirby and it was rough and still no bites. No boats over there at all....just washing the lures.
    But overall a beautiful day of enjoying the Sound & Bamfield. We did catch some bottom fish & turned out to be a spectacular day after the rain storms went by. Such a privilege to fish and be out on the water for the day. Thankful.
  3. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I like your attitude :cool:. Thanks for the report :).
  4. pwport

    pwport Member

    Well, extra thankful in these days, as I have finished up my job in Port Alberni & will be moving to the mainland in July, so every trip out is a treat! Also I took a friend out on Monday, and he was marveling at the rugged West Coast & the quaint town of Bamfield. I was reminded again of what I so easily take for granted :)
    (Thankfulness doesn't always come naturally, but sure helps my attitude during this time of transition)
  5. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Did you huck a 3.5 inch coyote spoon at them? We tried other "east coast killer lures," but they didn't last long on Derby's side of the boat. He was quickly asking if he could tap into my private stock of coyote spoons..."they don't work" was the quote of the Those fish in the pic's he posted all came from Barkley on Sunday, same deal Saturday. Every one was a hatchery fish, and stuffed full of 4 inch herring.

    Sorry to hear you are moving off the rock. Kinda reminds me of the scene in apocalypse now, when they got off the boat to get mango's and nearly got killed by a tiger...he said..."never get off the boat!" Same applies for the Island...never get off the ROCK! Might be time for another job hunt.
  6. pwport

    pwport Member

    Yup - actually used the 3.5 inch coyote with the glow and another one with green chrome with the fish on it. But maybe I should've kept trying with them. ...Always learning :)
    And yes, the Rock has been good for our family. Haha - Apocalypse Now... a good parallel with the price of the ferry :) I hope to still come back & visit! (I guess like the saying goes, "You don't know what you have until it's gone")
  7. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    You were using the right stuff. 101 feet was the ticket. Good luck on the other side, we feel your pain.
  8. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Sheesh, no reports ...... I guess a lot of people are keeping their secrets to them selves so her goes . I hope this helps some catch Gish.

    Fished the sound in various places over the last few days. Tons of fish around, released lots, we were picking and choosing. Biggest fish were around 18 pounds, killed a few 6 or 7 , but lots around 10 and 12 pounds. Fished dip lock, swale, Vernon and a few other favourite places. Depths seemed to range from 90 feet to 150. Killer spoons were white/green coyote, same in blue and silver and green silver, 4 or 3.5 size. Fish had 5 to 6 inch herring stuffed in them lots of bait around. Got off shore too with friendly seas in the morning for hails, did good there too except for dealing with this STUPID halibut regulation. What a gong show tiring to measure these critters while battling larger fish. No doubt the mortality and waste of injured fish is not considered in the CRAZY regulation, mean while commercial and F/N continue to be able to harvest any thing. It's sickening really. I'd love to take out the decision makers and show them what takes place while trying to harvest your lone halibut for the day. It's PATHETIC !
    So over all spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to do this again ....... For our lone halibut. DFO needs yo wake up and realize what we as sport fishers are doing for the economy .

    Have fun every one good luck to you all.

    That's that

  9. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    ouche...was that a bus that just ran me over..... ;)
  10. Killer B's

    Killer B's Member

    Went to Bamfield this weekend. Didn't fish a lot but got 6 keepers. Biggest was 22. Prawning was great. Fog Ducker said hi to us. Well I think he just let me know he had a fish on. Anyway hope to go up again this weekend.
  11. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    Heard a little windy today but the fish are still in the normal spots...:)
  12. pwport

    pwport Member

    Fishing is amazing in Barkley Sound! Yes this is from the same guy that often struggles to find the fish.
    We were at Swale Rock yesterday & caught about 12 fish & kept 6 springs - the biggest 11lbs.
    So much fun (especially for 2 new fisherman in the boat :)
    100 ft - white glow needlefish hootchie.
  13. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member


    what a great weekend , we look like we just came back from Cabo :),
    sunny n warm for 4 whole days , little marine cloud first early am's..... till about 10 - 11 am , then perfect clear skies ,
    hit 28 on Saturday i believe it was

    fishing was good for us ,as well as a few others here it sounds ,,
    ive been asked by guys here on the forum , few i bump into out there , where is all this HOT fishing were reading about ???
    i cant speak on others reports , but it changes daily , here today , gone tomorrow , MOVE around ...change it up...
    i pounded the sound pretty good , and i didnt see alot of boats , actually , barely any !! , odd for this time of year ??
    m2b , the sound is far from hot , there are a few good pockets of fish no doubt , but Meares and Swale were the 2 areas that produced
    consistently for most , areas like Beale , the wall , kiirby sanford flemming , cree , austin , ship were pretty scratchy to say the least ,
    i spoke ta a few weekend warriors really putting in an effort outta the nook , in smaller rigs , , not alot of success , guys dont feel bad , the fish will come !!
    I mostly seen guys , including ourselves hooking smaller fish , 6-10 lbs ,is that hot ?? "we" released most for another day ,
    but , if ya put your time in , there were a good mix of fish from 12 - 18 lbs to be had , as well as a few in the low 20's,
    , 2 x 25lbers came in from the wall over the wknd , promising !!
    was a little concerned seeing a boat practicing catch and release with an old nylon net
    , on deck , and then slingshot style release back into the water , pretty sad....cmon guys , really...

    anyways , fish seemed to be all caught between 90 - 110 feet for me , was a total spoon show this time , 3.5 in spoons in
    greens and blues , cop cars , Hordes cream colors etc... there is a healthy number of 4 inch herring in the sound ,
    stomachs of our fish verified !! had a couple of fish that also had a couple of larger 5 inch squid in them , so turds or hoochies
    may be an option around the surfline now too..

    The sockeye fleet was out in full force yesterday , we opted ta stay off the water ,
    seen dozens jockeying for position the night before , heard they were EVERYWHERE , 8 at pill point alone ,
    bamfield all the way to the nook !!watch out for the nets guys , pain in da azz ,
    not sure what days they will be out there , perhaps someone can find a link..

    crabbing and prawning around the Nook " Very Poor "
    zero male dungees left , 8-10 females on every pull ,
    Commy's slammed it hard... hopefully it recovers soon..

    anyways , thats a rap , its well worth getting out there guys , have fun..

    just wanted ta say thank you to Ashley and Keith for workin there butts off , the docks
    are getting a paint face lift , looks great " So Far " :)

    Killer B ,,, that was a combo hello and " Get the F_ _ k away from me lol , (kidding)
    we had a hog b-line straight for your boat , he almost spooled us ( 2nd fish below ) , glad ya had a great trip !!


    Cousin Ken... Derby winner :)





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  14. Killer B's

    Killer B's Member

    Fog. Nice fish. We hit a 22 about 45 mins after your wave. Thanks for the update on the prawning down by the nook. Always looking for new spots to check out. image.jpg
  15. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for that Felix...nice report!!!

    Now get back to work...text coming your way...
  16. tykkyt e blue

    tykkyt e blue Well-Known Member

    I fished on weds.. lots of 6-10 lb fish around - swale and mears had good action. 90' down to 150' later in the day.
    Tried Cree looking for some bigger fish but nada
  17. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Same report for last 4 days - tons of fish, but most are small rats, and they kept getting smaller through the week. Tuesday bite was stupid non stop action. A few nice ones if you had patience to stick to it. Some nice halis around as well. Weird to see Austin - Cree tack not producing like we are accustomed to seeing this time of year. 3.5 coyotes are the ticket. Needle fish hoochies were also good, but not nearly as effective as pulling tin. Good luck.
  18. Oh Sure

    Oh Sure Member

    Fished Thursday and Friday at Pill, Swale, Wall etc. Limited both days for springs 8-16 lbs. White glow or green speckle back hootchies at 90-110 feet. Lots of smaller smaller released. No cohos or sockeye seen.
  19. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    Gonna give it a go sunday, will report back!! 3g at the lodge!!
    Nice reorts felix!!
  20. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    you get that stool ? its waiting for you at the Uki Aquarium , 1-250-726-2782
    were back there on Thursday for 5 days ,will stick our heads inta grappler maybe if ur around... Saturday ?? ,
    Steff n Zelko are comin out , chit cho i thinks lol..

    gd lk fishin...

    my bumper :)


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