Bamfield/Poett Nook 2013 Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by the fog ducker, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    Headin over next week with Marco ta kick er off..

    To a New Season fellas ! stay safe out there ..

    Tight Lines , Lotsa BS : ) n liquid sunshine....

    Bama , Jerry : ),,, see ya soon...

  2. cloud

    cloud Member


    Best of the season to you ! we plan a trip to Bamfield this August ( knowing it is a ways off ) !

    If we drop our boat in Port Alberni at noon....and run down to Bamfield....are we likely to be going into the wind/waves ( and get pounded ) as we make the run ?....or will we more likely to be running with the wind/waves ?

    We usually make the run before 7 am ( and wind/waves are not an issue ) .....but this year we cannot leave PA until noon or so.

    Please let me know

    Thanks FD

  3. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    Hey Cloud

    i run a 24 striper , i usually just go when time allows me , never had an issue , especially in the summer months ,
    try ta head up with a buddy boat for the run ,if its a little lumpy , slow down , enjoy the ride.. most likely running against the waves on the way out !!
    you'll be fine , the inlet is quite busy that time of year , help is not far off if needed..

    gd lk.. maybe well cath up ta ya there !!

    off ta fish with the Mills boys as we speak , flat calm out here today..


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  4. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    anytime after 11 a.m.,, and expect a pounding as you head out the inlet. not everyone has a big glass luxury pimp style fishn boat like FD
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  5. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    Blair wish ya were up here bro ,,

    ! gorgeous day today , headin out for a fish with Nish in a minute ,
    Prawning is great , good food . ya dont need ice for the pops !!


  6. cloud

    cloud Member

    Thanks for the info fellas ....appreciated ! Have a great winter/spring. i hope to get out fishing this weekend as the Victoria waterfront. Cloud
  7. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    Sounds awesome FD. Hope you guys have a good time and catch lots of bugs :)!

  8. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    Ya it was pretty good!

    Croat will update with the photos.

    Windy afternoons Cloud. Slow down and turn on your wiper!
  9. Captain Kidd

    Captain Kidd Member

    Ya dont need a freezer here !!

  10. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    And if you going out yourself from PA to Bam and you have a good kicker , even if the main stops the wind and a good kicker will get you safely back to China Creek or Port , one good thing about a earlie leave from Port with a inflow in the afternoon LOL
  11. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    just packin up " Elmo" : )......
    what a weekend , thx ta both of you and Jerry again !!
    dam we were dialed in , way cool,
    little incident regarding a log boom on the way home Jeff,this one was not so funny , atleast at the time lol.. , were fine lets just say..
    post a report and pics .... in a day or 2,,



  12. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    OH OH! This sounds like it could have gone a lot worse?

    Waiting with interest to see the report. For now I am glad you are ok.
  13. CCB

    CCB Active Member

    I know its off topic a bit but can anybody tell me if your allowed or not allowed to have camp fires at Poets Nook.My buddy is busting my balls to get a seasonal spot there and then so will they but they said there's only one main fire area .This may be deal breaker for me if I cannot have a camp fire.The wife kids and all my buddies love the fire at camp.My bud is calling the owner to see what up as they have been going there a long time.

  14. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    No fires. Just community pit... The rule sucks but makes sense as the nook is known for quiet nights and early risers.
  15. CCB

    CCB Active Member

    That's the unwritten rule anywhere in these camp spots though and just because there's no fire doesn't mean people will be quite.LOL What about propane fires and or coal bbqs >Also what if I want to stay in a wall tent with a wood burning stove?.
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  16. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member


    wrong camp..x2 with Trophywife , no private fires , its a quiet camp for sure ,
    no exceptions , they will boot ya out if you get complaints.
    mostly larger rv's and trailers theses days it seems, weekend campers , tenters etc.. mostly seasonal now ..
    pretty sure there is a waiting list on seasonal as well , call Marg at the Nanaimo office

    gd lk

  17. CCB

    CCB Active Member

    LOL yeah I'm in bed by 10 up at 4 everyday have a 36 foot Seneca just weighing out all my options LOL . My bud has been going for 15-20 years and know the owners well. Where not into loud people as where I stay in hardy most regulars that stay a month or longer are 70+ years old and love us.

    Thanks for all the help.
  18. Captain Kidd

    Captain Kidd Member

    And I thought you went to Bamfield for the fishing.
  19. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    ok , little late...

    so , great outting last week for 5 days , Weather was decent , almost zero wind , we fished , crabbed , prawned , beachcombed , visited west Bamtown ,
    Crabbing is still pretty ummm , terrible actually , BUT , prawning was excellent again , but , the highlight was the fishin this time ... , in 3 hours i think we hit 10 fish , bonked a few for the Barbq , 5-10lbs , all on the bottom on glow needles , Surfline was the ticket , pretty flat day , Jerry n Marco handled most of the action , skippered by the Jew himself , i think i spent most of the time malesting his Dog "Maybe' yes thats what he named him !! might have been the offspring of his other Dog , there not sure , so " Maybe" it was !! pal..., !!

    bit of a scare on the ride home that night ,pitch black we put the boat onto a VERY LARGE logboom , wasnt there earlier !!! I swear ; )... after getting the boat off the bloody logs , then changin my shortz , we laughed and cried for the next 3 days , my gut still hurts,,, in all seriousness , were very lucky , scrapes n bruizes , minor damage to the boat , lesson learned , SLOW DOWN in the dark..

    anways , was great hangin with my good pals , Jerry Jeff , we miss ya already ! that was f'n fun man...

    hers sum shotz for you shut-ins..

    Merry Xmas


    our new LARGER Docks at the Nook


    still attached ta the boat under the mud lol


    found this on the captains seat ??


    Jerry Jeff Marco

  20. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    a few smileys



    me n my pal Jerry after squirtin em in the face with the hose lol


    Our Seadog " Maybe"

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