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Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by Beacon, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Beacon

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    Any suggestions on a good course salt bait brine for anchovies.

  2. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Fresh water, course salt, powdered milk and mrs. smiths laundry blue.

    Keep refrigerated and will last for several days.

    Salmon University

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    From years ago. It works and bait is good for a few weeks not days.

    Posted by Greenhornet:
    Well I guess i can let out a few secrets here!!!!!

    I thaw my chovies in the fridge,when just thawed cut the package in an I shape.Across the top and bottom and up the middle open the two flaps use coarse rock salt and cover the anchovies with the salt.Fold the flaps back over the anchovies.Repeat the process for how ever many packs you intend to use on your trip.Stack all the packs one on top of each other,put in a plastic bag in the FRIDGE,use a plastic bag that doesnt leak do not use a safeway or save-on bag as it has holes in the bottom of it.I use a white kitchen catcher.Leave them in there for 2 to 3 days when u take them out there will be a half a cup of water or more in the bag.I then take out the packages rinse off the anchovies with water dry them with paper towel then dry the pack they came in re-pack them and salt them again fold flaps back and stack them they are now ready to use.Keep them cold always.take with you a few dozen for the day leave the rest in the fridge or cold cooler.The anchovies will go from the thickness of your finger to the thickness of cardboard they will be awesome,I learned this secret from two pros on wcvi and used it for the past twenty years out fishing most boats 3 to 1.People always yell what are you using I say anchovies they look all puzzled and reply well we are to and we havent caught f!$# all,I know they havent salted for 4 to 5 days like I have.It takes some time to do this method but it is so worth it!!!!! When you hook up your chovies in a teaser head keep your chovie straight not bent or curved,you want a tight fast roll like a drill bit.Use a 5 to 6 ft leader behind a flasher or no flasher up to you,and troll at 2.9 to 3.2 mph you will get big results or Ill eat a package of anchovies myself!!!!! When I looked at my buddies bait I said what the frick is that shriveled piece of $#!t he replies I dont use an anchovie unless its been salted for 5 days,that day twenty years ago we hooked and released 22 big springs .Now I wont use one unless its salted for 3 to 5 days.Would never use any other method!!!!!!!!

    Tight lines

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    Buy pool salt in big bags and save big money
  5. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    I take the frozen bait, lift the anchovies and put a layer of coarse salt on the tray. Place the meat sticks on the bed of salt and add a liberal amount of salt on top of the anchovies...let them thaw out soaking up the salt. When thawed i keep them in the fridge for 2 days and then stack the trays in my bait cooler, storing the whole cooler in the freezer overnight. They work great a week after being thawed out and are good for 2 weeks.
  6. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    I learned that from you Mr Miyagi. ;):cool:
  7. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Never knew there was an art to it ;) I just open frozen bait dump it in my little bait colour add enough water to cover them and load it with salt and a squirt of mrs Stewart's and put it in the fridge till I leave lol. Fish seem to really like it.... not a single complaint yet
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  8. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Agreed but the bed of salt on top and underneath works really well.

    I have been in elation and forgot the bait in the fridge overnight .... @Fishtofino 's method works well.
  9. Phil my boat

    Phil my boat Active Member

    I also use the salt. I thaw the bait, clean up excess water, add salt to the tray and place the bait on top. Then I cover in salt. Put them back in the plastic bag and place the package in a zip lock bag.
    I put it in the fridge for a day or so, then freeze them until I need them.

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