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    Hey guys, I'm a first timer on here. I'm writing you guys from Nova Scotia. I've heard all the bad news about the Atlantic Salmon over there within the past year. I think it's quite shameful that people raise animals in that manner. I've heard of people talking quite a bit of trash about Atlantic Salmon in BC because of the farming industry which I totally agree with. I hope these projects eventually come to an end to help save your native species, and the environment itself as it was created. As far as I'm concerned, a salmon raised in a cage is not a salmon at all because they cannot migrate or live a normal salmon life. This puts them at dis ease witch causes diseases and mutated growth. I know this because I fish wild native Atlantic Salmon here in NS and they are quite beautiful and delicious animals in their native home. We also have Atlantic Salmon farms here, and they look just as ugly as the farmed salmon in BC. On top of that, some wild Atlantic Salmon runs have been killed from the fish farms. Even the wild native Atlantic Salmon can't live with these farmed Atlantic Salmon around the area. I certainly feel the pain when it comes to this problem and it's no secret that these disease brew tanks are a major problem. Good luck with keeping your ecosystem how it should be! We will also need some luck over here. Cheers!
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    Thanks for the post Jesse
    The Nova Scotia view of Fish Farms is appreciated!

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