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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by ZENYO, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. ZENYO

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    Anyone here using the Arlo or Arlo pro Security Cameras? the reviews I have read have been mostly good and I've been thinking of buying now that the Pro 2's are out at the Pro prices are good. I've read some folks in colder climates like Winnipeg have been having issues in the winter months. I was hoping to hear some local reviews on this product.

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  2. Carmanah

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    I have an Arlo camera I don't think it's the pro it's good really gives me some piece of mind when my family and I are away from home.

    Easy to setup and the app for iOS is decent it keeps a weeks worth of recorded videos cached online I don't pay a monthly fee or anything. Honestly I can't imagine not having it now.

    One thing is that it's wifi range is not super long in the model I have. The motion detector to activate recording is not very far maybe 20'. It's audio detector can sometimes pickup the garbage truck though and the road is 100 yards away which is good. It has a internal rechargeable battery that seems to last months.

    I have had one dlink camera before and this one blows that one out of the water.
  3. bigdogeh

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    I just got an ezvis 360 awhile ago and really like it. It was quite reasonably priced (bestbuy) and I can see what's going on, on my phone (or computer or tablet). It alarms on my phone to let me know motion has been detected. Nice 1080p picture. uses a micro sd64GB for storage. I believe you can run at least 4 of these and see all of them on your phone at the same time.
    I only use it inside so prob not suitable for outside... Haven't used any others so really can't compare to any but I am happy with this one. The app is fairly simple to use and seems to work well.
  4. bones

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    Just installed two POE systems from Costco. Worked and look great. Customer was looking at me on his phone before I finished the 4th one. Cost was good, the customer was happy.

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