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    I have a question for all those people familiar with fishing this area. I am trying to understand the closure boundaries that define the area where you can continue to keep Chinook after August 1st. I have been told that the line is approximately 1 mile seaward of the surf line. However there seems to be another area that is open for Chinook landward of this line that allows 2 Chinook per day under 77cm from August 1st until October 15th? There is a pretty clear map provided by DFO that shows this however the written description is somewhat contradictory to the legend of the map. . .am i missing something here? are there actual markers and/or coordinates?

    here is the map and written descriptions I am talking about:

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    Anybody on the local SFAC on the forum who can help this fisher out??? Questions on area 25/125 ask me.
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    Yes, you are allowed the unders on the surfline but no overs. You must be outside the line about a mile offshore to keep chinooks over 77cm. The inside waters themselves are coho retention only. No big hatchery like the Conuma in our area to pump out millions of chinooks
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    We also don't have the crowds and the combat fishing that comes with it :)

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