Area 19/20 Victoria/Area Sport Fishing Advisory Chair Meeting Monday, March 4 at JDF. 7pm

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  1. VIL

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    Dear Anglers,

    Please attend a SFAB Meeting on Monday, March 04 at 7:00 pm at the Juan De Fuca "Field House" (Building by Golf Course/Tennis Facility. Same room as Made In BC Wild Salmon Meeting)

    Topics of discussion include:

    1. 2019 Chinook Salmon Fisheries Management

    2. New halibut regulations for 2019.

    3. Avid Anglers Update

    4. Southern Resident Killer Whale Update.

    5. Prawn Reductions (Chair will be asking group for there recommendations on what you would like our Groundfish/Shellfish SFAB Chair to put forward to DFO as acceptable limit reduction changes, as DFO is recommending a 50% reduction in prawn limits.

    6. Update on previous motions from Fall meetings.

    7. Thompson/Chilcotin Steelhead Update

    *If you have received this email through the forwarding process, and would like to be updated on future meetings first hand, receive important notices and letters... please reply to:

    Looking forward to your recommendations,

    Ryan Chamberland

    Area 19/20 SFAB Chair

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