Are you ready for another Liberal term?! Will we fish in 2020...

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    He is just the Jacob Wohl of Canadian politicians and because he went after that child the whole world now knows it.
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    eptember 6, 2019

    The Federal Election

    The next Federal election will be fast upon us and it is safe to say that this is likely to be one of the most important elections in decades for our fishery. Regardless of who or which party is elected, ensuring that the government understands, supports and is willing to invest in the future of our fishery and the resources that it depends upon has never been more important.

    Healthy, abundant salmon stocks and the fisheries they support are critically important to many British Columbians. With over 300,000 individuals who purchase recreational fishing licenses each year, the effects, impacts and benefits to small communities and businesses from access to sustainable resources is socially and economically vital to BC. We believe that our elected officials need to recognize and support initiatives to maintain and, where necessary and possible, rebuild salmon populations in order to avoid a repeat of the harmful and, in many cases, unnecessary restrictions that were imposed on fisheries on the South Coast in 2019.

    Here are some key points that every potential MP should be asked to address and provide a position for. Ask your local candidates;

    Do you and your party:

    • Support the use of hatchery-based enhancement to either maintain or rebuild salmon populations at a level that will support vibrant, healthy, sustainable fisheries?
    • Support the use of Mass Marking and Mark Selective Fisheries as a way to provide access to abundant stocks of hatchery produced salmon and avoid wild stocks of concern?
    • Support the need for government to enforce existing laws and regulations that protect salmon habitat, and invest in habitat rehabilitation initiatives to promote long term sustainability?
    • Support the idea of science-based predator control in specific areas to address the unprecedented impacts that predators are incurring on salmon stocks?
    • Understand the importance of the public fishery to your riding, and the impact that a lack of certainty and stability in regulations and access has on businesses and citizens who either support or participate in the fishery?
    • Understand the impact that open net pen salmon farming has on wild salmon, and support a transition to mandatory closed containment salmon farming by 2025? (for more detail please click here)
    • Understand that fishery resources are a common property resource, managed by the Federal Government at tax-payers expense for the benefit of all Canadians, and are willing to support the idea that all Canadians should be able to benefit from those resources in a meaningful way?
    We urge all SFI members to make candidates understand that the public fishery is important to you and your community. Get out there, ask the questions and make sure your potential MP understands that the public fishery is important to their riding, that their feedback on these important issues is vitally important, and that their responses will be held to account following the election.

    2019 The Big One Raffle – Winners Announced
    Thanks to all of your support, the first Big One Raffle was a great success. Thank you to all ticket purchasers and to the sponsor and contributors to the raffle. The raffle would not have been possible without the contributions and assistance of our sponsors.

    Much thanks and appreciation go to:
    • Darren Wright, Island Outfitters
    • Al Belhumeur, Pro Line Sports
    To the prize contributors:
    • Kingfisher Boats
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    We are planning to do a raffle again soon so please watch for announcements. Good luck to you next time!

    Annual Policy Conference and Big Splash Fundraiser - November 15

    There are many things developing for the sport fishing community and the SFI as we move into the fall. We will send additional member updates as emerging items and details require. We'll provide more details as the date nears and tickets will be on sale soon but remember to mark you calendar for November 15. We are holding our Annual Policy Conference, the 2019 theme is Striving for Certainty and Stability, and the Big SplashGala and Fundraiser at the Vancouver Convention Centre.
    Until next time, tight lines,
    The SFI Team
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    To the best of my Knowledge For years the sports sector has been against hatcheries. Whats changed?
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    Never heard this before. All the public fishery folks I have known over the years like hatcheries as they provide more fish for all sectors and users (including SRKW's). If it wasn't for hatcheries our fisheries would be dismal state to say the least (e.g. the winter spring fishery in areas 18-20 if WA state didn't have hatcheries - no hatcheries = very few wild fish = no fishery).

    Like most things hatcheries science and techniques have greatly improved over time and many of the concerns with hatcheries (e.g. genetics, disease, survivability, etc.) in the past can be increasingly mitigated. This is why the ENGO's stance against hatcheries make little sense. If we put all our eggs (no pun intended) in one basket and hope somehow that wild salmon runs are going to miraculously come back in good numbers (with increasing human population, development, pollution, climate change, decreasing govt. budgets, etc.) we are delusional to say the least!
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    Not True. The Sport Sector actually fund raises for and runs hatcheries and has for a great many years.
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    Its partially true but not really true among ocean anglers. Most of the sport sector resistance to hatcheries came as a result of a whole bunch of studies with steelhead that showed hatcheries having a substantial impact.
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    The complexity of issues that are surrounding Canadian fisheries on the westcoast of Canada and in particular that of British Columbia, are stratified toward failure primarily due to long term human interference and governance leading to detrimental legislation that hinders building a refined balance between all efforts that have been put into play. Basically nothing is meshing together to work for the benefit of the supposed renewable resource, namely the fish. The Pacific Salmon Commission and Treaty between USA and Canada fails because Canada has a Wild Salmon Policy and all fishing sectors in BC want an opportunity to harvest. Commercial fisheries have diminished over time and have been reduced substantially, however both Recreational and Aboriginal fisheries have substantially increased over the same period. There is no overal balanced harvest plan developing among these sectors in order to help develop sustainable fisheries what so ever, especially one that benefits the species being harvested. Outside of climate an area we have little or no control, all other factors of havest, governance and rights, including all enhancement and environmental protection that are now in play...none are working together or meshing at all. Together, we must make the change.

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    How ironic! One of those terrible "immigrants" interviewing the guy. Maxine isn't "buying immigrant votes" I hope. At least Maxine picked the "right" immigrant - an evolutionary psychologist at the John Molson School of Business known for applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behaviour.
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    Going to be interesting to watch green party and Liberals go at it.
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    So the guy does a video stating you can vote for the PPC and not have it impact the ridings as they were dominated by the incumbents?

    Not sure how that helps the PPC. I guess if they want some showing for future elections... Personally, I have my doubts that there will be much support for the PPC.
  18. StormTrooper

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    Personally, the decision is for me to stop my choice of voting out parties. Mainly as my view for my effort now, is to try and break the cycle of circles while hoping for something new to happen. I personally believe a minority government is best.
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    we were on the road all day yesterday. what did sock boy do now?
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