Are you ready for another Liberal term?! Will we fish in 2020...

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by StormTrooper, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Well, it is important to other voters

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just wish sport fishers/fishing industry people would get more up to speed on the impacts and realize that it is important. I think it is much more than just access to the resource.
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    If the Liberals announced tomorrow that instead of being able to make a living 365 days a year that you could only go to work for August for your industy. Would you still vote for them because there is bigger things to care about like climate?

    The climate is very important and people that fish/hunt are more attuned to this then a lot of concrete jungle vancouverites.

    Don't think people in the fishing community care that much to vote for the conservatives but the other parties are not saying much of anything with regards to fishing.
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    Private industry,innovation,investment will solve climate change! Not taxes.
    3 FN plan on LNG
    So ya not trudope....he’s a fake
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    I get it some people have shorter term personal vested interests. I'm thinking longer term. Anyway, as I said to each their own.
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    Federal Fisheries Minister Wilkinson explains his 2019 Pacific Salmon strategy with the department.

    Whoever did this on mark selective fisheries is pretty up to speed on things. Very well done

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    I wonder if any impact studies were ever created where related to implementation of MPA and other fisheries closures in western Canada. Access to info request? I feel for Alberta and all the west under the governance of the Liberals. They just don't care.

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    You need a target and you need policy, anything less is just someone pissing on your leg and you being convinced that it's raining.

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    Lots of the biggest polluters also recycle and receive carbon credits.

    For example if a cement plant burns materials as alternate fuels that would other wise go to the landfills and saves on natural gas consumption. They do get a kickback despite still being one of the biggest polluters of GHGs.

    Bc has a very complex system and I don’t fully understand how it works.
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    This stuff is very complicated and can't be distilled down to a campaign slogan. I also find that even with the best intentions of the different parties in explaining their policy they are usually not that good. I have learned over the years to keep an eye on what this guy says as he has the experience and credibility to give us straight answers.

    Check out his bio on wiki

    There are other in the field energy economics and policy in Canada that have a wealth of knowledge .
    They can be found on twitter. If your interested start with Marks blog. on the right hand side he has his feed.
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    Just being a messenger on what I consider the most important topic with our fishery! (from Sewid) Where do the Cons lie here? Anyone ask?

    "Just a quick post to let y'all know that Pacific Balance Marine Management directors been tenaciously pushing forward to see DFO licensed harvest of pinnipeds for commercial sale.

    The last two weeks we have opened doors of cooperation with Federal Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO). I am astounded by the bend over backwards support our cause has been receiving from the department.

    One of the surprising things that bubbled to the surface is the belief in the harvest by none other than our Prime Minister and our Fisheries Minister. It's totally understandable that such a contentious issue such as a pinniped harvest has stayed off the election campaign. They are concerned for our salmon and I believe if re-elected many pinnipeds shall be harvested.

    Our group is not asking you who to vote for, but one should ask your MP candidates what their stance is on a pinniped commercial harvest to protect our salmon?

    I wish it was easy as saying let the harvest begin, but due diligence must be ensured so the harvest goes off without a hitch or any major problem.

    Know that I and other Bands are now harvesting some pinnipeds to ensure proper toxicity testing. Yes you can as well, but please contact me 1st.

    By the way, Chief Roy Jones moved me to president of organization."
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    Read this book and then tell me again how private industry will solve all of our problems. This is a must read for anyone who cares to have a real understanding of how gov't & industry have and can work together. It's also a great reminder that guys like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc would not have had a fraction of their success without gov't backing. Let's face it, gov't is not going away. If we spent more time and effort making it more efficient versus debating it's worth at all we'd all be in a better place.


    The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths (Anthem 2013) is stirring up much-needed debate worldwide about the role of the state in fostering long-run innovation led economic growth.

    The book comprehensively debunks the myth of a lumbering, bureaucratic state versus a dynamic, innovative private sector. In a series of case studies—from IT, biotech, nanotech to today’s emerging green tech—Professor Mazzucato shows that the opposite is true: the private sector only finds the courage to invest after an entrepreneurial state has made the high-risk investments. In an intensely researched chapter, she reveals that every technology that makes the iPhone so ‘smart’ was government funded: the Internet, GPS, its touch-screen display and the voice-activated Siri.

    Mazzucato also controversially argues that in the history of modern capitalism the State has not only fixed market failures, but has also actively shaped and created markets. In doing so, it sometimes wins and sometimes fails. Yet by not admitting the State’s role in such active risk taking, and pretending that the state only cheers on the side-lines while the private sector roars, we have ended up creating an ‘innovation system’ whereby the public sector socializes risks, while rewards are privatized. The book considers how to change this dysfunctional dynamic so that economic growth can be not only ‘smart’ but also ‘inclusive’.

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    As a current sitting Board Member of the PBPS, I would advise taking anything Mr. Sewid says in this regard with a large grain of salt.
    He was dismissed from our Board with prejudice, for a series of reasons.
    Now gone renegade with this new association, and claiming a working relationship with DFO (not real).

    Just a head's up here folks...

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