Are you ready for another Liberal term?! Will we fish in 2020...

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by StormTrooper, Aug 11, 2019.

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  1. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    Lol still talking about harper does a scheer even exist
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  2. dradons

    dradons Active Member

    Interchange Scheer if you will. The point I originally made was that a conservative government would probably have preferred a DPA as well and there are way more important things to be pissed off at the Liberals for.
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  3. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

  4. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Point is they didn’t though. Fair to be critical of anyone in power but the liberals were the ones that DID. That’s the key
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  5. agentaqua

    agentaqua Well-Known Member

    I think there is likely a long list of things to be pissed-off @ Trudeau for - agreed, dradons.

    I think the most egregious one is that Trudeau has the same blind ego (with less swag & finesse that Harper had I agree) - and is once again blinded by his party affiliations & discipline verses understanding and wanting to understand what democracy and good governance is and should be (spoiler alert - it has nothing to do with parties).

    His treatment of Jody - his cover-up & lies- his attempted interference in the legal system - all speak to a massive ego and lack of understanding of boundaries and his role. Not leadership material - simply put.

    He got leadership of the Liberal party because of his last name and the sale-ability of that name - and then largely because of Harper's numerous failings - got the Liberals in power. His pretentiousness & pettiness showed afterwards - particularly in his dealings w Jody.

    Jody - on the other hand - demonstrated much leadership and honesty even after enduring Justin's wrath & vindictiveness.

    That's why the SNC Lavalin debacle is particularly enlightening and informative - as was the Enbridge and numerous other issues were enlightening with Harper.

    Not seeing any "light at the end of the tunnel" wrt choices this election - just a faint hope for the best of the worst. trudeau.jpg
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  6. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

  7. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    So now it starts in Alberta with the "disappearing" of the the ability to monitor and make policy on environmental matters. That's what Harper did back in 2010 with the gutting of Environment Canada and DFO. You fellas sure you want to see that again with your blind faith that Scheer won't throw you under the bus in a New York minute.
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  8. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Better than the liberals and Trudeau hands down. Once they give everything to the First Nations we won’t ever get it back regardless of run size or health.
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  9. ILHG

    ILHG Crew Member

    Or what? Just stay the course and stick with the current path? Dont trust the boogie man....
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  10. fish4all

    fish4all Well-Known Member

    In a heartbeat. Trudeau, green, NDP all support UNDRIP. That’s the deal breaker for me. You can’t turn back the clock.
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  11. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Well-Known Member

    Conservatives enjoy UN initiatives as well.

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  12. agentaqua

    agentaqua Well-Known Member

    "informed consent" that's the basis of UNDRIP. Should also be the case for democracy.
  13. Stephen Kowalski

    Stephen Kowalski Active Member

    Man, Turd-Eau is a complete idiot. Seen him speak and he is a joke. Elizabeth May is a drunk, Jagmeet doesn't have a clue what he stands for, and Scheer is a wet noodle. we are doomed
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  14. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    MY wife is probably voting Liberals looks like they got a lot handouts for people with kids. Despite me arguing with her, I don't think im winning. lol we may end up cancelling out each others votes.
  15. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    On fisheries side of things Paul manly is disaster for Nanaimo. So is the Liberal candidate. I think Recreational fisherman should strategically vote Conservative. Regardless even if conservatives don't get it at least Nanaimo will have a voice. They keep picking losers like NDP and Greens. Yah great lets pick the backbench guys, and wonder why we never get a say in politics. If you vote for liberals again than don't be suprised if it is worse next year on fishery side of things.
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  16. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Get her to vote anyone but trudeau. Jesus. Lol. Think she needs to do more research into the family aspect as well and ask herself if they’ll actually go through with them.
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  17. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    I think this provides some insight on how conservatives will manages our fisheries. For those worried that they will continue down harpers path does not look like it. With their support behind the Liberals fisheries bill it looks like the conservatives this time around will be different.

    Conservatives won't delay C-68 in Commons
    Bill C-68 passed the Senate Thursday with Conservative support after Liberals agreed to remove the so called "water flow" amendment from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, added in the House of Commons.

    Conservatives warned it could give Fisheries and Oceans the ability to treat industrial, agricultural and municipal water flow locations as fish habitat.

    A spokesperson for Conservative fishery critic MP Todd Doherty said Conservatives will not delay C-68 when it reaches the Commons.

    The party still believes the bill is flawed — it restores habitat protections removed by the Harper government — but Conservatives support owner-operator and fleet separation policies in Atlantic Canada.

    Fisheries groups warned Conservatives during the lobby campaign that Conservative candidates in Atlantic Canada would pay a price at the polls in the upcoming federal election if they vote against Bill C-68.

    On Thursday, just three Conservative senators voted against it in the Senate.

    Conservative Shelley Downey focusing on taxes, investing in green technology

    “I know that our party has been looking at fisheries management over this last period here, especially in line with the chinook closure we had last April that impacted quite a number of sectors across this region,” said Downey.

    “Many businesses have felt the brunt of that decision so we’re a government that is responsible. We know where the dollars are being generated, that are going to come and support the tax base and support the services that we provide in this area.”

    She adds that finding a balance between preserving and enjoying the B.C coast is very important to the Conservative party.

    “Fisheries and our coastal waters are key, we won’t be leaving that untouched. We will be addressing that as we can and in ways that are meaningful and not harmful to the economy.

    “Everything has a balance and we have to have things in balance. We need the pros and the product that comes from our waters. We need recreation and tourism dollars generated for people who come to enjoy the coastal waters we have. We will be looking to prevent and keep everything balanced and for the benefit of all.”

    Canada’s major parties on all things environment, explained

    The Conservatives included in their plan “a comprehensive update of Canada’s strategy to protect our fisheries, forests, agricultural lands, [and] tourist areas.” That would include a focus on invasive species, which can threaten native ecosystems, and controlling pests “that

    pose a substantial threat to forest and aquatic health,” as well as conducting a $15 million inventory of wetlands.

    As during the Harper years, the language in the Conservative plan favours species and habitats of economic importance over a more holistic approach. It promises to review how land is set aside for protection, and whether communities have enough input.

    The Conservatives continue to support the Aichi targets (that calls, among other things, for 17 per cent of terrestrial areas and inland water and 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas to be conserved by 2020), which were first agreed to by the Harper government. They also supported the passage of a Liberal fisheries bill that restored habitat protections gutted by the Harper government, with minor revisions.
  18. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    FYI the conservative plan for those that haven't read it

    Canada’s hunters and anglers make significant contributions to the preservation of species and habitats and can offer valuable advice on the stewardship of Canada’s wildlife. The Trudeau Liberals cut the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel, choosing to lose touch with what is happening in our local communities. Our plan will make sure that our hunters and anglers have a seat at the table.

    As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

    • Re-establish the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel.
    From Stanley Park and Banff National Park in the West, to Rocher Percé, Gros Morne and the Cape Breton Highlands in the East, to Lancaster Sound and Nahanni in the North, these areas - and so many others in between - deserve proper management.

    With the passage of Bill C-55, the Trudeau Liberals have undercut the consultation process that is vital to designating protected areas. Now, Marine Protected Areas are being determined before consultation happens. This means that Canada’s commercial fishers and small coastal communities will be forced to fight the government to defend their interests when they should have been consulted in the first place.

    Canada must have a robust protected area system. We will conduct consultations with local communities and governments, business owners, and Indigenous peoples to make sure that our approach has the best interests of the communities in mind.

    We will restore protections for meaningful community consultations that were taken away by the Liberal government. We are committed to setting aside 17% of Canada’s terrestrial area and 10% of marine area as agreed to by the previous Conservative government.

    We believe that the quality of land set aside is every bit as important as the quantity, so we must make sure we take the time to get it right.

    As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

    • Lead a science-based terrestrial and marine conservation assessment to identify the best opportunities for expanding our protected area network, including parks, marine protected areas, national wildlife areas and migratory bird sanctuaries.
    • Identify high-value, low-conflict areas and initiate an expedited process to declare the area as protected.
    • Work with Indigenous peoples to explore options for more active participation in the management of protected areas.
    • Reinstate up-front consultations with communities and stakeholders before determining protected area boundaries.
    • Ensure that protected area approval processes are reasonable, timely, and respectful of local communities
    Workers and volunteers roll up their sleeves and work on conservation projects in their communities. This kind of community-minded action gets real results and should be supported.

    As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

    • Restore funding for the community-led National Wetland Conservation Fund (NWCF) which was cancelled by the Liberals. This will cost $4 million a year.
    • Restore funding for the community-led Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program (RFCPP), which was cancelled by the Liberals. This will cost $10 million a year.
    • Create a new fund for community-based projects targeted to wildlife enhancement. This will cost $25 million over five years.
    • Maintain the community-led Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk.
    • Maintain important national conservation programs, including the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and the Natural Heritage Conservation Program
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  19. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Literally makes it a NO BRAINER! Already have my Downey signs ordered for my yard, and going to have them on the truck!
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  20. agentaqua

    agentaqua Well-Known Member

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