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Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by islandboy, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Hey AA.... read some of your old posts about the farm in Washington state. You produced alot of links claiming that Atlantic salmon that escaped are going to invade native streams and so forth...... shut them down!!!!

    It's been some time how is that going? Are the Atlantic's spawning in our streams yet??? Or are you just trying to lubricate your agenda with nonsense? Do you have any links to share?
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    I know you are trolling, Rico - but if you want answers to your questions - you should go back on those links and ask the representatives quoted in those news articles about their statements/assertions directly.

    However, it is well known that escaped Atlantic salmon pose risks to wild stocks:

    It was 1st denied that the escaped fish had PRv:

    and then this was published:

    Piscine orthoreovirus sequences in escaped farmed Atlantic salmon in Washington and British Columbia

    So if is now up to you to post the science that unequivocally demonstrates no impacts and no transmission of PRv on wild stocks.
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    No trolling here, just an honest question that I had after you posted the link to the situation.

    Wondering how the results where??? Farms were ordered to pack up and stop farming because of claims that they were going to spawn and take over. How was that??? Did Atlantic salmon spawn here like they claimed they would??? If you dont have an answer then just dont respond........ to claim trolling.... sorry Charlie
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    Interesting ty
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    Pure propaganda. Look at more recent studies. No need to rehash from 15 years ago. If you are interested in more recent studies happy to post the links...
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    Agent, your'e taking plays straight from Almo's book. Please try to find something new and relevant to this coast or don't waste our time.
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    Who are you referring to when you say "Don't waste our time"
    I don't find it a waste of time reading informative posts on the problems Fish Farms are facing in BC and the world and reading the about the efforts Fish Farms are making to overcome some of these problems.
    No one is forcing anyone to read Agentaqua's post.
    If you find it a waste of time to read them, don't to read them.
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    I believe some of the problems being that the date is very old. When I posted a link with a date of 2018 wasn't good enough. Then someone else posts from 2005 it's ok???

    Fyi AA all wild salmon already have human waste in them as well as a cocktail of pharmaceuticals. You point is mute
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    Just to be clear - and add depth to the comments about the well boat treatments - these vessels are employed to remove the lice off of farmed fish - not smolts. Smolts aren't treated by the well boats.

    The reason the industry is concerned about the levels of lice on their farm fish is that they are regulated to try to ensure that the levels of lice on farmed fish are kept within the bounds as set on their licenses - the levels of which are debatable as to how much protection it offers wild smolts since the total lice load onto wild stocks is not taken into account.

    Implicit within these conditions of licence is that levels of lice on farms adversely affects wild salmon smolts - something industry pundits try to deny.

    I'll say that again: the total lice load onto wild stocks is not taken into account. The number of infective stages (copepidites) is not considered.

    Instead they use a trigger limit of # lice per farmed fish.
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    "all wild salmon already have human waste in them" that's new info Rico - go ahead post the science on that.

    I believe the container that has "human waste in them" might instead being the press releases from the BCSFA...
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    Don't think I'm going too far with this reference, Dave
    "Sewage from Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria is Georgia Strait’s number one pollution threat"
    "BC has 9 watershed Basins and they are the Mackenzie, the Fraser, the Columbia, the Pacific Ocean Seaboard (sometimes divided into the North Coast and South Coast), the Nass, the Skeena, the Stikine, Taku and the Yukon. Each Basin includes many smaller watersheds. "
    "There are more than 9,000 salmon populations (species and stream combinations) in B.C., organized into about 450 conservation units applied in resource management."

    Definition of all: every member or individual component of

    Typical and unfortunately irresponsible deflection tactic by industry pundits to say "Don't bother looking @ our impacts - look over there"
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    Sport fishing does this as well on the SRKW issue with seals, sea lions, other fisheries, should they not?

    Quite a handy deflection here. Guess clicking is easier than responding directly to tough questions.

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