Anybody fish for Crayfish?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Cookie's Cutter, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Cookie's Cutter

    Cookie's Cutter Active Member

    Tell me about your experiences fishing for crayfish

    how do you do it?
    what type of traps?
  2. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    I have been thinking about trying for some too and would love some advice years ago I put a prawn trap in Shawinigan with a salmon head and caught a bunch next time I tried I caught the otter that was messing up my boat
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  3. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    I bought crayfish traps off amazon. Have not used them yet. They seem pretty cool. And my work
  4. Tom Mac

    Tom Mac Member

    I got a crayfish trap years ago for the kids to use off the dock at Sprout Lake, hours of fun baited with a trout head. Its shaped the same as a dome shaped folding prawn trap just smaller with 1cm mesh.
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  5. islandboy

    islandboy Active Member

    Interesting video. Some recipes in the comments:
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  6. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    I’m far from having it mastered but we always manage a feed. I have home built traps from Home Depot mesh, I think I’m into the pair for like $12, I use bulk hot dogs for bait. I’ve never dropped them from a boat as it’s usually an off season pastime. I have 50’ of rope, stand on one end then toss em as far as possible and then tie off to a tree. Let em soak 4-6 hrs, sometimes overnight. Through trial and error I have a few spots close to town that usually produce but I couldn’t tell you depth.
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  7. slaydown

    slaydown Active Member

    I have done something a bit different during the summer but with waders I think it would work now. I would wade out in the water about knee deep and mound some rocks. Next place a couple tins of cat food with some poked holes around your mound. Leave till it gets dark out, wade over with a flash light in one hand and long tongs in the other. When the light is shone on them they freeze. Place tongs over and gently close. I just float my pot for cooking them right beside me and toss em in. I have done surprisingly well with this method.
  8. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Sounds like a good time.
  9. slaydown

    slaydown Active Member

    It is actually fun, just like being a kid again. The lake I go to is loaded, so there are swarms of them. Must have looked crazy to anyone looking out on the water.
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  10. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Oh I wasn't being sarcastic. Sounds like a blast.
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  11. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    Many years ago I was at Cowichan lake, there was a commotion with some kids wading in the water. I went to see what all the hullabaloo was about. These kids had a crayfish that was enormous. It looked like a small lobster. Being a lifelong Vancouver Island guy, I have seen lots of these critters in my fishing travels. This was hands down the biggest one I ever saw. It was molested in a bucket for half an hour or so then I convinced them to let it go. I wish I had a picture of it but this was from far before cell phones with cameras were even an idea. It was about triple the size of any other one I've ever seen.
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