Any interest in Matrixx, Michigan Stinger and Titan spoons

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  1. FishBear

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    Hello - I wanted to reach out to you all in Canada regarding some salmon spoons I have for sale. All brand new in factory packaging. I have some Blue Fox Matrixx, Michigan Stinger and O'ki Titan spoons that I could post pictures of if there is interest.

    I do have a question though about shipping to Canada. I am in WA state and as far as I can determine the first class international shipping rate for a "bubble mailer" with 8 ounces or less weight would be somewhere in the $9+ range. Does that sound about right? Would this cost be a deterrent to most folks? Trying to determine if there is enough interest given the shipping cost.

    Thanks for any feedback
  2. FishBear

    FishBear Member

    All great products. I tried to include pics showing the ruler so you can get a sense of size... generally these are the larger spoons, particularly the Magnum Stingers (4.5 inches) and the Blue Chrome Matrixx, which is a whopping 6 inches long.

    The Titans are 5.5 inches long... and I am particularly impressed with the quality of this make... excellent.

    I do not know what you pay for these in Canada. I would like to get $7 each but then there is the shipping issue.

    Comments? Input? Questions?

    Thank you

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  3. Tightlines22

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    Those are nice looking spoons. Shipping costs are always an issue for us.

    Some of us live close to the border and so have our parcels delivered to Pt Roberts or Blaine or elsewhere. For those in this situation it helps although we still pay a fee to pickup there as well.
  4. Damien

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  5. Discus

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    I have titan spoons for $6.00 each.

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  6. Discus

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    Closed up 20171201_151514.jpg
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  7. FishBear

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    Those are some nice colors/patterns. Not looking to purposely undercut anybody on price, so I could go $6 for spoons I have for sale... if anything strikes your fancy
  8. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    IME Michigan Stinger & Matrixx are killer spoons.

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