Another SFBC Derby Early Bird Prize Draw! Enter by May 10 to win.

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    We have received a number of prints from Peetz that came from the estate of Jimmy Wright, a well known photographer and artist in BC. There are four of these 20" X 24" photo prints up for grabs for everyone who is entered and whose payment has been received by midnight May 10. Below is some information about Jimmy Wright and his work.

    Jimmy Wright, who passed away in 2008, was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1937, and headed out west to California in 1959 to attend the University of California at Berkeley. After graduating with a degree in economics, Jimmy worked in the fast paced world of banking and real estate for many years before deciding to head north to British Columbia. It was here that he worked as a fishing guide while also developing his love for photography. When he arrived in Victoria in 1986, he knew he wanted to make his living by creative expression, but had no formal art training.

    Jimmy began seriously painting in 1990. His mixed media pieces, from the abstracts to the animals, were influenced by his earlier career in the world of numbers. One can find hash marks, mathematical formulas and numbers incorporated into most of his work. It is his images, however, of polar bears, bison, dogs, ducks, etc. that he was most famous for.

    I tend to keep things simple and try to create work that people will feel good about hanging in their homes. My style is loose. Sort of halfway between Robert Bateman and a caveman. Wright once said of his artwork.

    Steelhead print.jpg
  2. Fish Assassin

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    These are beautiful prints..... Another great donation by Peetz.......
  3. Fish Assassin

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    4 more days to have your entry's in for an opportunity to win one of these great prints by Jimmy Wright.
  4. Fish Assassin

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    To be eligible to win one of these fine prints your entry needs to be received by midnight tomorrow. Draw will take place Sunday.
  5. Fish Assassin

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    The 4 Winners are as follows..... In the order of being drawn

    1. DE_Fisher
    2. Jencourt
    3. The wife of one of our newest members Lee-Ray
    4. BearCove

    Congratulations to our 4 Early Bird Winners

  6. spring fever

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    Congratulations all!! Hate to be a sore loser but guess I better get the boat in the water and win the "BIG" one cause it's obviously not going to happen by draw for me!!LOL
  7. Sculpin

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    Congrats to the 4 that won those prints :). One of those would have looked great hanging on my wall :cool:.
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  8. Fish Assassin

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    I have to apologize and make a correction... The 3rd winner is not the wife of Ray-Lee its his daughter :)

    The print is still going to the same home....

    Sorry for any confusion
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  9. congrats all

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