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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by seadog19, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Wow, guess these guys hoist the pirate flag and do whatever they feel like doing with zero regard to the people and or species. Sad part is that this is was discovered by an alert police officer making a routine traffic stop. Makes you wonder how many others are doing this daily that have the brains enough to have there boat and trailers properly licensed and in working order. Or how about the people who have moorage and never use the highways.

    I often see people cleaning rockfish at the fillet tables that are over a single daily limit and always assume they must have other members of the party cleaning the boat or doing other things. I would be willing to bet instead of having the non-enforcement fish checkers whos only concern are numbers, areas and start times at the docks and cleaning tables and add fisheries offers randomly they could make money on the fines and ensure the required species conservation efforts.

    Its a shame that a few greedy people like this decide to do whatever they want for themselves without fear or thought of others. Most people in this industry and lifestyle are ethical and happy to obey the fishing laws and regulations. We might always have something to say about the inconvenient limits or slot regulations but always abide by the laws so we continue to have a fishery.

    Sure hope the fish went to charity and that these idiots lost their boat and trailer and are never issued a license again.
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    Taking the boat and gear and licenses only work up to a point!

    Need to start hammering these a-holes with stiffer penalties put em in jail for years or if not from this country deport their asses back to where they came from and never allow them back!!!! Canada and our lack luster judicial system that is flawed beyond belief, will let these idiots back onto the water in no time!!!!
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    4 guys with 72 fish were very likely going to sell them. Would be interesting to see if they’ve been able to find the whole chain.
  5. Captain PartyMarty

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    Absolute shit heads! Makes you wonder what else is going on....
  6. wishiniwasfishin1

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    And they kept bullheads. Wtf?
  7. Aces

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    Wonder if they speak English?
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    They should have Poacher tattooed across their forehead.
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    Lets keep it on point - they speak asshole - regardless of background or country of origin.

    I am glad they we are seeing some proper enforcement. Its on thing to have barbs not properly pinched or to be just outside of the regs - its another to blatently ignore them and to try to profit of the poaching. Throw the book at them.
  11. walleyes

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    Holy smokes them boys killed a whack load of fish. Terrible this is going on this day and age and to this degree wowzers.
  12. Aces

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    I have been involved in helping DFO bust several poachers and judging from the haul race/language is a consideration
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    What are the chances these are going straight to a restaurant...
    Hard questions often find hard truths.

    People might not like the answers or the questions...but our society has to wake up to what is really happening with our resources.

    Any chance the names.are posted?

    Maybe someone can post a list of names of people busted within the last year?
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    On my way back from working in Whistler yesterday and made the obligatory washroom stop in Porteau Cove. Seen a couple guys having their cooler of fish being put on the back of the DFO truck. Judging from the 3 rods they had and gear, likely bottom fishing. Was nice to see some enforcement. Seems like swatting at flies as far as what can be stopped but hopefully it helps.
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  15. Pastafarian

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    Poachers are scum! Good to hear that they were caught. I fished at least 30 days in the ocean this summer at popular spots and I didn't get boarded or checked at all. It's a shame theres not more funding for enforcement.
  16. Rayvon

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    I hadn't been checked on the water in the last 25 years that I can remember,in Victoria this year I was stopped and checked no less than 6 times.They even chased me down 3 times while I was running in at 30MPH. with their lights flashing .After the first check they gave me a piece of paper that said I was equipped properly so they just checked my catch and carried on.They were always friendly and professional,all good.
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    If these clowns put half of the same energy into a legitimate enterprise they would not need to pillage the oceans. Being as embolden as they clearly are one wonders how long they've been at it? I would hope the authorities are also looking at the markets these fish were so clearly headed to and attempt to close the demand side of this equation. Glad they got busted.
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    Back doors of restaurants.
    Been happening forever, not that is an excuse, it is just hard to catch it.
    Trace ability of seafood is seeking to end this, but it is a large undertaking.
    The profitability of poaching needs to be removed.
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    I totally agree. I worked in 2 high end seafood restaurants here in Vancouver and the first one was considered best in town. They definitely procured salmon out of the back of a station wagon. There is a solution to be had here that spans across the fish jockeys dragging all they can out of the ocean.
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    I am sure it happen with Crab in Vancouver, what I see on a regular basis in my Richmond Marina, is shocking. I have started reporting it lately and was happy to see DFO on the docks a few weeks ago doing some checking...
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