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  1. gungadin

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    Another individual fined for fisheries violations. In Campbell River yesterday:

    Individual was fined a total of $5000.00 and forfitures for various fisheries offencies.

    Details here

    Page 33 and 34.

    If you go to this site : there are even more convictions. The courts are appearing to understand how serious this has become.

    We need to continue to report these criminals.
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  2. kingblazer84

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    what amazes me on the second site is how lame the 300$ fine for using barbed hooks by US citizens but the canadian gets fined and gear taken ?? like wtf . Same with the chinese and asians that get caught with double the amount of clams or shell fish they are allowed to retain like $500 is F all for those idiots they pay it and go do it again the next day somewhere else and just keep an eye out!

    any fines that come with barbed hooks
    ,over fishing etc should be min 1500$ fine plus gear gets taken every time! then the 2nd offence is more cash plus jail time/deportation.
  3. bottom feeder

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    lol the only real thing funny about reading the fines pages are the last names of the criminals !!!! dong dang chang vingh loc zhang xue doc tran bongolon vue gou din bouh !!!!!!!
  4. wildmanyeah

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    well i would expect if you place of residence is duncanby lodge and your fishing with 2k worth of rod and reels that you know how to fish and what the rules are.

    I suspect there is a little more to this story, Also typically officers only write one ticket for barbed hooks not one ticket for each barbed hook your fishing with. So either this officer was on a power trip or they wanted to send a message.

    What's more intriguing is how one of the commercial fishing reps got ticketed.

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