Animal rights group appeals B.C. court decision over euthanized bear cub

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    To me this lawsuit falls outside of this ENGO's Scope, Seems to me like they have ran out of things to protest. Would there not be better things this group could spend its time doing?

    "The group said in a statement it has launched an appeal because it believes the law says officers can only kill wild animals when they are likely to harm persons, property, wildlife or habitat."

    "Animal rights advocacy group ‘The Fur Bearers’ is appealing a B.C. Supreme Court decision ruling that conservation officers have the authority to destroy wild animals, and to use their discretion."

    For that reason, The Fur-Bearers adopted the mission “To protect fur-bearing animals in the wild and in confinement through conservation, advocacy, research and education (C.A.R.E).”

    That means:

    • Abolish the commercial fur trade, including trapping and fur farms
    • Create opportunities to co-exist with wildlife (i.e. beavers, coyotes, bears, and small mammals)
    • Foster empathy and compassion for wildlife and the environment through school presentations and community outreach
    Your wish, and our wish is a world where every fur-bearing animal coexists in his or her natural habitat, alongside society.

    We believe that:

    • Fur should not be commodity.
    • All fur-bearing animals deserve to be protected, regardless of their species or society’s views.
    • Co-existence with fur-bearing animals is possible and non-lethal solutions to human/wildlife conflicts are effective.
    • All fur-bearing animals are a part of a healthy Canada and public perceptions need to reflect that.
    • Education and positive interactions will bring about sustainable change.
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    We have a government that has lost touch with real worldwide wildlife management. I expect many more of these "groups" to push their agendas. Lets hope we have a realistic judge for the next round. I wonder how many $$$$ this group provides to increase, enhance and manage BC furbearers? Most of their beliefs were great in the 1700-1800 but today with human encroachment and population explosions, their beliefs are unrealistic. These groups have no real idea of wildlife management. Has it ever occurred to people; why do these groups pay enormous amounts of money to lawyers to fight every use of animals but little or nothing in the support or management of these animals?

    This group with Lesley Fox as lead could always buy a large property, meet all rules and regs, pay for all expenses, transportation, feed, security, maintenance, except all problem animals and cuddle them as they want until they die of old age? I am sure our understaffed, hard working CO's would love a drop of and not worry place for all problem animals, I have never met a CO that liked destroying nuisance animals.

    The BC madness continues.


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