Amundson TMX5-GR with Amundson Savvy Sumo SSM106MH mooching rod

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  1. Gold reel Brand New used once, now has 30lb mono backer with brand new 65lb braid and a 30lb mono top shot. This is my standard set up on my MR 3's great for deep trolling as the braid has way less blow back. Want to sell as combo only. $450.00
    I live in Seattle but willing to ship.

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  2. aheny

    aheny Well-Known Member

    I'm confused with your line description.
    You have 3 types of line?
  3. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Back loaded with mono to fill space and prevent the reel from being over compressed.

    Braided line is the main fishing line.

    The mono top shot is essentially a leader, it allows for some stretch ang give but more importantly allows the downrigger clip to hold the line, it won't with braid.
  4. aheny

    aheny Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, thanks. I've always just used my braid as backing, with 100m top shot
  5. wildthing

    wildthing Well-Known Member

    use 100-150 yds of braided flyline backing then 300yds or so of 60lb super braid -mainline then a top shot of 2-3 rod lengths of mono to hold in the clip
    if you have 100m or 100yds that fishing basically mono all the way and one big elastic band due to the stretch of the mono ....

    walk off 100'-150' and get you buddy to hold the rod and strike while you hold the end without a hook of course see how much pressure he put's down the line when you think you setting a hook good ????????
  6. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Don't know if one should worry too much about using mono line, its been used for decades and caught tens of thousands of fish. Like many things what type of line one uses comes done to personal preference.
  7. Exactly; The stop shot is is only 30 feet or so as you said it holds the clip better and gives a bit of stretching allowance when fighting the fish. I like the braid for deep water trolling as the narrow diameter causes less blow back and I feel helps with line creep.
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  8. I am sticking with my MR3'3 so I am
    still looking to sell this combo.
    $375.00 takes it
  9. Ian wagner

    Ian wagner Member

  10. Ian wagner

    Ian wagner Member

    Fishing deep braid gives you less blowback plus when a 6" herring bites your spoon you see it mono doesn't another thing don't use fly line backing it's not as good as 10 year old braid for backing
  11. Price drop $395.00 great Xmas gift
  12. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    you went up 20$? it was at $375 before... lol
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  13. haha
    whoops......your right king blazer thanks for the heads up... It's been more than a while since I had looked at my add, I just saw the $450.00 thought it was a good price drop:)
    I'd still take the $375.00 hell $350.00 I won it at the Sydney derby last year then loaded it with new line. I'm more of an Islander guy. Love my MR 3's but I thought I'd try this one out this summer. It's a nice combo but I do like the feel of the islander more.
    anyone interested? I'm thinking its a fair price and it be nice to see it get used.
  14. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Is that USD?
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  15. $375 Canadian plus shipping
  16. ILHG

    ILHG Well-Known Member

    Reckless, I sent you a PM.
  17. Any interest?
    I'll be in Sydney for the AM/Can derby so I can deliver it there if anyone wants this set up. $375.00 canadian.
  18. ILHG

    ILHG Well-Known Member

    I tried picking them up but you never replied back?
  19. Paul Farrell

    Paul Farrell New Member

    Still have this for sale? I live in Seattle and would like to check it out if its not gone.

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