Almost time for repower. Best Deals?

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  1. Irishwolf

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    Stigma from the old oil burning 2 strokes mostly. Most guys, when they hear 2 stroke outboard, think oil burning, stink, mess, no thanks! I did when I first heard of the etec. And most guys think the same when I tell them I have a 2 stroke. I run a 30hp etec and it smells LESS than any 4 stroke I’ve been around including my 2.5hp yammy kicker.

    Then there’s brand loyalty.

    Remove those and do a pro/con list for each... you’ll see, the etec will win every time... Try it. Don’t have to tell me the result. ;)

    But really can’t go wrong with any outboard these days. Get what works for you. Just a shame to see the etec die as it helped drive innovation of the 4 strokes in terms of weight and power. I just hope competition within the 4 stroke world is enough to keep the technology moving...
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  2. Sotally Tober

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    Just for fun, not really informative. Outboard motor ranking :

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  3. Tips Up

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    What should cost be to remove old motor, controls and gauges and install new motor, controls and gauges? Roughly.
  4. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    do you have 703 control's and prop ?
    if so rigging should be about $800-$1000
  5. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Controls, gauges and prop were included with the new (used) motor. Looking for what approx labour cost should be to remove the old motor, old gauges and old controls and install new(used) motor, gauges and controls.

    Picking up today and just reviewing the invoice.
    I'll report back after a sea trial for those interested in how the decision to go 115 over 90 horse works out for my 175 Double Eagle. There are a few threads going about this.
  6. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    So this thread was about when is the best time to get a deal on new motor. The answer is when the opportunity presents its self. In this case I did not have to wait long. Right place at the right time.

    As for decision to go with 115 over 90 horse.
    I am a bit Stern heavy and 115 is lots of power for this boat. I’m not sure how much different 90 would have been at 25lb lighter. I believe a 90 horse would be the perfect match.
    I do have 95 ltr gas tank and battery in the back and a 9.9 kicker. Some double eagles have gas further forward so may be different.
    But I have already made adjustments shifting weight forward and only filling tank 2/3.
    Had a couple days on the water now and really like it.
    Goes like stink without the stink.
  7. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    Did my own swap out last spring of a 115 2S for a 115 4S.
    First time ever.
    I am mechanically handy, but no pro!
    Job wasn't too bad and took me under 4 hours. Doing it again would take under 3 hours for sure.
    When I was done there was one helm wire I couldn't easily figure out so my friendly local shop got their share of me on that 15 minute task ;-)
  8. Whitebuck

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    Inlet Marine best prices and some of the best customer service going !
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