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  1. wildmanyeah

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    I won't be surprised if we see something similar full closures are easy to enforce. Getting up close to someone and checking their gear ect... is a lot harder in these covid times.
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    The heroes of this "war" wear white smocks as armor and wield the blade of knowledge.
    BBC News - Anthony Fauci: The face of America's fight against coronavirus

    We need to focus on those doing the work that is going to get us through this. Everyone has a role to play.
  3. pescador

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    It says "workers", so, if you're retired and you're personal investments have gone for a shit, you get zip. What the **** are they going to do for retirees???
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    If they close sport fishing down as a Public Health measure, then I want to see all fishing, commercial and FN, etc. also closed down and I can think of a bunch other things that should be closed down on the water as well. Fair is fair and I don't want to see the hypocrisy of politically motivated exceptions. It is either a public health measure universal closure or its not.

    Personally I think sport fishing on a boat is well suited too and can be done while maintaining social isolation principals, but perhaps there would be a few who would screw it up for everyone.
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    As you get closer to retirement it's recommended that you transfer out your risky investment into more secure assists. I believe they are making it so you can take less out of your RIF. It is recommended that a retirement portfolio should atleast have 2-5 years worth of cash like investments in case of down turns to avoid having to sell stocks in down turns.

    I realised that is tuff and unrealistic for some but it was is recommended if possible.
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  6. walleyes

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    That’s the risk people take. If you can’t risk it don’t play the game. I feel for people losing investment money especially retired people but at the same time it’s not like they were scammed out of it, people know the risks that are involved. GIC’s pay a modest 2% but are guaranteed and this is why. Don’t lay your money next to the fire and when it lights up run to the government for more. Markets will come back, people’s returns will be restored people just have to be patient.
  7. cracked_ribs

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    I would also say that unless you have some specific desperate need to liquidate large amounts of you're 90 years old and you really want to spend it all before you die, probably want to just keep most of it where it is. OR: make buys like GD. BA was under a hundred bucks the other day. Some of these companies are undervalued by 50% right now so if you buy, your 7 year outlook is what, double your spend, with dividends along the way. If you're 65 or 70, and your parents lived to 80+, I don't know, personally I'd still be going after big buys.
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    Some good info here
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  10. IronNoggin

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    Wish I could! Doesn't apply in my situation unfortunately.
    I am trying to terminate my existing EI Claim and establish a Medical one not related to the virus.
    Only way to do that is by calling the number they've provided.
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anyone there...

  11. agentaqua

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  12. wildmanyeah

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    As long as you have made more then 5k in the last 12 months your elegance for the new 2k a month that was just announced today.
  13. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Saw this and copied and pasted it and also changed the location and numbers to reflect something closer to home.

    I’ve explained this multiple times now, but here we go - once more, with feeling!

    COVID-19 sits in a unique spot on the chart of viral pathogens. As a disease is more virulent but slightly less deadly than the flu. Which may have you wondering ‘what’s the big deal’?

    Well, that ‘slightly less deadly’ is kind of misleading. The virus itself is slightly less deadly than the flu. But that’s only true if the spread of it is slowed down, giving people time to get ill, recover, free up hospital bed space and equipment for the next patient, and so on and so forth. It’s not true at all if the entire country catches the virus within just a few weeks of each other and the 20% of patients that require high levels of medical support all require that medical support AT ONE TIME.

    So let’s talk about that a little bit more.

    COVID-19 is a novel virus. That doesn’t mean ‘new’ necessarily (although it is), but instead refers to the fact that it originated in an animal population then passed to humans. That’s the definition. Two weeks after making that jump, it mutated enough to jump from human to human - and now we have a problem. Because it’s a novel virus, humans have little to no innate immunity to it. That means that, unlike the flu, which has human sequencing RNA/DNA strands and are therefore recognized by the immune system as invasive, this virus does not have human sequencing, and our immune response to it is reduced.

    Now, only 3 months after the first case presented, there are two strains. This is a highly adaptable, easily spread, extremely virulent disease. It’s true that most people have a mild form of illness that only requires they stay home, rest, and hydrate. But 20% of people infected require higher levels of care - oxygen supplementation, ventilator support, etc. Now - it’s predicted that 80% of the population will contract the virus. You’re going to get it, I’m going to get it, pretty much everyone is going to get it. So 20% of the 80% of people who contract this virus will need ventilators.

    Let’s do math!

    Greater Victoria has a population of 367,770 people. 80% of that is 294,216 people. Of those 294,216 people who WILL contract COVID-19, 20% will require hospitalization at a minimum, and most will require ventilator support. 20% of 294,216 is 58,843 people.

    So. To sum up. 58,843 will require high levels of medical support, possibly ventilator support, maybe even ECMO support.

    Now, if we all go out and spit in each other’s mouths and spread the virus Willy-nilly, it means all 58,843 of those people will require support at roughly the same time.

    That’s bad right? We can all objectively agree that that would be a serious problem. There are not 58,843 ventilators in Greater Victoria, I promise.

    On the other hand, if we all STAY THE HELL HOME and avoid spreading the disease as much as possible, those 58,843 people will need ventilator support in a more staggered manner.

    That’s what flattening the curve means. It doesn’t mean we’re eradicating the virus or “beating” it - only time will do that. Only an effective treatment or a vaccine or a slow building of herd immunity will do that. Flattening the curve means that we slow the spread of the disease so as not to overwhelm the medical community with so many cases that they cannot provide life-saving care to the people who need it. We want to avoid a situation where we have to RATION VENTILATORS to those most likely to survive because we don’t have enough to save everyone. (Of note - in this scenario only 50% of patients who require ventilator support actually survive this disease. So of the 58,843 people who need ventilators about 29,421 will die. Again, this is just in Greater Victoria.)

    [ETA: these numbers and estimates are HYPOTHETICALS that assume nothing is done to prevent the spread of the virus and that medical equipment, supplies, and personnel are all therefore in short supply - requiring rationing and wartime-like triaging.]

    So if it seems like nothing is happening, that the cases aren’t rapidly increasing, the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed - that doesn’t mean we’ve ‘won’ (and please stop talking about this disease like we’re fighting some kind of weird battle, that’s not what’s happening here, we are AVOIDING CONTACT WITH THE ENEMY) - it means that what we’re currently doing (social distancing, avoiding sick contacts, STAYING THE HELL HOME) is WORKING. It means the disease is spreading slowly enough that we are able to keep up with the medical demand. It means we have to KEEP DOING IT. Until there’s a vaccine, or all 58,843 have made their way through the medical system and we have achieved herd immunity.

    Hope this helps you understand the situation we are facing, and why it’s so important and so serious.

    Also, if you have hoarded PPE for your personal use and you are not immunocompromised and in need of that PPE for your day to day life - donate it to your local medical community so that the staff can stay safe to care for the influx of patients. Thank you.
  14. IronNoggin

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    I am aware of that. Applications will not be available until sometime next month. Back-up I guess should this BS carry on much further...

    19 attempts this morning. In the 10 minute worm hole three times only to get booted at the end.
    Tension and anger levels are a lot higher that I'd like...

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    The way I understand it, the new emergency assistance fund will be combined with EI
    to become one for the next 4 months.
    If you apply for EI and are approved, you will automatically get the $2000 a month
    for 4 months, then it reverts back to qualified EI benefits.
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  16. IronNoggin

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    I am acutely aware of all of that Scott, but thanks - some others might not be.

    Not applicable to my situation at this point...

  17. Rockfish

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  18. IronNoggin

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    Attempt Number NINETY-TWO today, and IN.

    "All of our agents are currently busy. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by our next available agent"...

    Anyone want to hazard a bet here?
    Pretty much the same routine as yesterday, just took longer to get there...


    Who thinks I will end up with a Two-Legs to discuss this with today?

    Conversely, who thinks they will lock the doors at 4:30pm again, and leave me dangling on "Hold" forever after...?

    I know what I think... :(
  19. Fishtank

    Fishtank Well-Known Member

    20% are not needing to be hospitalized more like 10% but it varies country to country but never 20%
  20. GLG

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