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    road. drove my SUV to the border, was waved across.
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    I lol’ed hard at this today, they really are clueless and the mix message continues

    The rule of thumb should be to "stick to six" — the same six people — for any get-together, especially when it's taking place inside, Dix said.
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    Can you point out the ambiguity?
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    He’s probably referring to his kids being put back in school which is the equivalent of being exposed to probably 300 people indirectly
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    There are different descriptions of the current Swedish situation than the one described in that link. Media tends to oversimplify complex situations that are not yet resolved and not completely understood.
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    Comparing the UK to Sweden is a little absurd. The population and population density are very different. I think it is way too early to analyze which method was best, unfortunately, only time will tell. The other thing too is what if they were wrong and their population decimated, what would the analysis be. I am ok with having the original lockish down (we never locked down, I went to work every day) it gave the healthcare system time to figure it out and now we are opening up as practical as possible.
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    Alberta did 46,000 test in 3 days & positive rates remain less than 1%. Alberta see lots of cases but Alberta test a ton. More you test, the more cases you have. What this article fails to mention is that 37 people in hospital, 7 of whom are in ICU. Although Alberta has been seeing ~125-170 cases a day for months, but its hospitalizations & deaths continue to drop.

    Is this virus losing its steam? Honestly, its such a small amount in the hospital for so many cases.

    Dr Hinshaw quote for the day "Living with COVID-19 means seeking balance between limiting the harms of COVID & limiting the harms of COVID restrictions."
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    if we had the same death rate Sweden had, we would have over 22000 deaths. Would that feel like a victory? Don't forget, university was still shut down, public transit was rarely used, and restaurants still had tight rules similar to what we see now. Considering some flu years they see under 100 deaths, I wouldn't really call Sweden's experiment a success. Especially since they determined only like 8% had antibodies in Stockholm. So much for herd immunity.
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    The vast majority of deaths in Sweden was in long term care. If they had better protections in place in the beginning it would be a much different story. (Like the majority of countrys/province) Now that Sweden has protections in place it's a much different story. Please prove me wrong.

    As far as herd immunity goes, then explain there trends the last 2 months. They are the only country with an avg of one death per day. Also minimal new cases.

    The government's in Canada love talking about daily infection numbers... this is a joke and irrelevant. Its hospitalization and ICU that matters.
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    Daily infection numbers are not irrelevant, I think they are helpful. From what I understand, the plan is not to allow infection rates to go beyond what the contact tracers can handle. This will keep the flare ups from turning into wild fires which would result in more people in the the hospitals. If infection rates are up among younger people and you can keep tabs on them and their contacts then hopefully rampant infection of the most vulnerable can be avoided. As well as that, if you know rates are up then maybe it’s an incentive to keep following the Covid guidelines, because our infections are mostly linked to people failing to do just that.
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    Interesting update from Dr. Campbell today, well worth a view.

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    The vitamin C, D zinc stuff is good for general immune system. Dr. Rhonda is more on the nutrition and is not immunologist or epidemiologist. She notes this if you listen to the whole episode. Other stuff earlier on was fairly unproven ie hydroxyclhorquine and the rest.
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    Yup. Information shared. Pretty simple to understand. Also really easy to see the direction when you open your mind to all angles of any discussion, rather than jam the door shut. :)

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