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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Sotally Tober, Mar 5, 2020.

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    Interesting times ahead of us for sure. I saw Judith Reyes on the Global New this morning, saying “each FN territory is in charge of restricting access to their land during the COVID time”. Horgy’s encouraging BC people to travel inside the province. I guess we will see how he’s going to deal with Judith or the rest of the BC residents over the next few days.
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    My second cousin is a Registered respiratory therapist in Oregon:
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    If you're looking for a jurisdiction that got it right in terms of controlling the spread without imposing draconian restrictions on individual freedom or complete shutdown of the economy, look no further than your own back yard. Looking worldwide, the team in BC has found a good balance.
    • no Stay At Home orders
    • no compulsory mask orders
    • assembly restrictions never lower than 50; some countries (eg, Australia) had orders of max gathering of 2 persons
    • no closure of borders with neighbouring provinces
    • no intra-provincial travel restrictions (non essential travel discouraged, but not actually prohibited)
    • no contact tracing app mandated (so far at least)
    It seems to be human nature to focus on what we lack rather than what we have, so the media gave us lots of stories about people out of work and "in lockdown". We never got close to lockdown like what was imposed in, say, Italy and Spain. Major sectors of the economy were allowed to continue, within a fairly simple set of guidelines. The industries listed below represent over 60% of the provincial GDP, and some other sectors continued in partial form; eg, some retail closed down but some sectors like food retail and building supplies continued at normal or even elevated levels.
    • construction
    • health/medical
    • education
    • finance/insurance
    • mining
    • forestry
    • fishing
    • agriculture
    • manufacturing/industrial processing
    • IT
    • oil & gas
    • transport
    • utilities
    Well done, BC. Our political leaders had the sense to listen to the true experts, and those health experts took the time to explain to us the reasons behind the actions taken. That led to widespread compliance with a relatively gentle set of restrictions and thus effective control of virus spread. Hospitals have ample space for COVID patients and testing capacity is high; we are in a good position to rapidly track and contain further outbreaks as they occur.
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    In case you missed it:

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    identified in China by scientists.

    Lots of lies out of there
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    Folks this post and link I am sharing is not about pushing ones position on the current crisis we find ourselves in. This page has been about sharing credible data & I think this is important. There is another side of the effects from this lockdown & we need to understand it. In Alberta the vast majority of deaths have been over the age of 83. The average life span in Alberta is 82...

    This young man is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collateral damage.

    We need to be able to look back and learn from mistakes made. If we see a second wave we need to respond differently than the first time.

    I'm would like to hear pepole thoughts on this. Politics aside please.
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    Stories like this are bound to appear, and numerous other ones probably don't appear due to family request for privacy (think suicides here). This is sad, there's no doubt about it. There's always is going to be some trade off when public policy is involved and obviously some people are going to feel wronged and some people are going to suffer. This is the reality of our society, and also our medical system. No matter how good our doctors and medical system is there will still be people dying everyday from all sorts of causes.

    What I don't understand is why some groups of people keep talking about the age of the COVID patients and deaths. Does a person's old age make them less worthy of staying in good health and living their fullest life? I'm really struggling with this topic, where people keep making these vague references to the bulk of the deaths being old people. Where's the compassion there?
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    I’m with you on that. I guess it depends on our definition of human’s value - is the value of a human in being just a GDP contributor or something beyond that....
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    I still don't agree with this its an old person disease, so lets let those ones die and we can keep working. Alberta's financial problem goes way beyond Covid. I totally get why they are frustrated. Canada has completely abandoned oil industry. The US is screwing them, and this government. If the industry was doing better I bet the conversation would be different. Just my view.

    COVID is serious illness one just has too look at the US of what not to do. COVID is here but we are all suppressing it with our actions every day. If we don't want a second wave then we have to behave responsibly. If we don't act possibility it will get shut down, and no businesses want that. I sure don't.
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    Clearly, those people aged 83 and above who died from Covid19 didn't die at 82 so that particular statistic, in spite of Jason Kenny spouting to justify his governments lack of action, is irrelevant in this situation. A life is as valuable at 85 or 90 as it is at 60.
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    This is not just a covid issue. an ENORMOUS amount of money is spent on the last 100 days of life. Tough societal questions. As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, questions to treat/how to treat/not treat are often based on the patients general health. Not usually on their age alone. All 50 year olds are not the same, just as all 83 year olds are not the same. Trying to make decisions on quality of life after treatment versus no treatment is difficult. Even harder if economics is considered. There is not infinite money for healthcare.
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    This should be written in gold!:)
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    I still can't stand the argument of "was it worth it?". Using BC or even Canada's results as a variable in that equation doesn't make any f***ing sense at all! We got these results because we did what we did. Go and try and do your stupid math vs. If we did nothing at all and I'm sure the answer will be clear. God!
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    IT seems more and more decisions around covid are being made for economical reasons and not health care reasons.

    Going into the lock down definitely flatten the curve and IMO was the right choice. Tho it seems having another lock down is trying to be avoided by using masks.

    bonnie just announced limited visitors will be allowed in care homes. don't no if this was made for medical reason or for sanity reasons.
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    I hear what you are saying. My point of bringing up the age was not to say they are less valuable. What I was trying to get across was the loss of life from 40-70 yr old due to lock down in order to help pepole who already have exceeded the avg.

    Pepole who still have the best years ahead are starting to suffer.

    I know it's not an easy thing to disscuss. But my point of bringing it up is to look at that important fact. If we need to lock down in the future how do we do better?
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    there does not seem to be a political appetite for this to happen. Even in many other countries that are seeing a rise in cases due to covid most are still moving forward with their reopening plan.

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