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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Sotally Tober, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober Well-Known Member

    No I don’t mean fishing gear, we all know that most fishermen have a good supply of gear.

    Stockpiling essential items due to COVID-19.
    Good luck trying to find bottles of Purell or other hand sanitizers.
    Apparently toilet paper is another item that is very popular, some stores have empty shelves.
    Earlier this week the Burnaby Costco was almost sold out of meat as shoppers were buying it all up.
    Who was buying all the Spam and Black Beans?
  2. mcallagan

    mcallagan Member

    Fleetwood SAVE ON is out of TP:(
  3. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    Yes and no... I keep a couple of months worth of food on hand just in case. I am not specifically worried about c19 but just to be on the safe side, a couple of weeks back I did stock up a couple of months of the one thing I suddenly started going through tons of: baby formula.

    But as of last weekend, the Costco in Nanaimo seemed normal.

    Out of a abundance of caution I did rig up a VPN to allow me to work from home if necessary. I don't really foresee real problems from this but I'm not the type to get caught lying down.

    Also I have a multi-year supply of bar soap and I actually keep a small stockpile of small bottles of hand sanitizer anyway.

    But other than the economics of this, I don't think the consequences are going to be too severe.
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  4. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member



  5. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

  6. ReelSlim

    ReelSlim Crew Member


    As a family we always have extra stuff around but I won't be playing the game this time around

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

  8. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    I don't see how contracting the flu or similar will affect my ability to wipe. Even if i had to self quarantine (yes please for a couple weeks) i have enough friends that would drop off a multi pack at the door.
    Not a bad idea to keep a few extra items around the house for an earthquake or similar tho. They say every store only carries 3 days worth of supplies for the community.
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  9. winephart

    winephart Crew Member

    I've always maintained a supply of food, fresh water and fuel in the event of earthquake. No intention of adding to those basic supplies.
  10. bigbruce

    bigbruce Well-Known Member

    Nope - other than making sure I have lots of scotch. Our neighbours took the whole toilet paper thing taken out of the equation - had a bidet installed, complete with a heated seat and warm water! Told them we'd be coming over if we run out of TP.
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  11. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    I'm going to use Corona Virus as an excuse to buy some reels and other gear. It has as much relevance as buying a pallet of toilet paper and bottled water. sheesh. What a bunch of baloney.
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  12. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    Anecdotally, I was at my local Costco in Langley yesterday morning shortly after dropping my kids off at school. A weekly routine for me to do our 'big shot' early in the week, early in the morning to avoid the typical craziness of gassing up and getting groceries.

    It was much busier than normal for that hour. The demographic make up of the shoppers was, different than normal.
  13. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Yes. Toilet paper 9mm and 45 cal.
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  14. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking I should try and stock up on some halibut.......
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  15. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    someone needs to hold the media responsible for fear mongering. The risk is very very low of getting sick if you follow normal precautions. WASH YOUR FREAKING HANDS,PERIOD. that is all you need to do. I see 99% of the losers wearing masks that do not fit and or are not suitable to stop most bugs from getting you.
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  16. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    100,000 cases. 3000 deaths worldwide after a country with a billion people had a massive outbreak. How many have died of hunger or the flu or car accidents in the last 90 days?
    The only thing I am stockpiling is cheese and ketchup for this massive nothing burger.
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  17. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Nothing due to this latest media feeding frenzy.

    Always have a couple months supply on hand of most items.
    And 3,000 rounds of 5.56 NATO.

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  18. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    No. Not giving in to media fuelled hysteria! I have earthquake supplies if needed.
  19. CIVANO

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    same here
  20. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    Man this forum is sure a breath of fresh air compared to the American ones I'm on.

    Everyone is losing their freaking minds over this down there. Here I sound like the paranoid guy, whereas saying the same things elsewhere has had people full on insulting me for being a government lackey with my head in the sand etc.

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