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    Good day fellow fishermen!
    A month ago, I had a fire where I rent in Langley, I live in Parksville. I had all of my rods on a rod rack in Langley. All were lost. Because the place I was renting had a wood stove for heat, no one was willing to sell me insurance. I presumed that my insurance on the island would cover me, sadly mistaken!
    My island reels were in neoprene covers, mounted on the rods, they survived, ( after several hours of cleaning) but the rods melted. Also lost, my Calcutta level wind, and a few abu Garcia rod and reels.
    If any of you fine people have any old, spare mooching rods you were thinking about tossing, I would GREATLY appreciated taking them off your hands.
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    Very sad to hear for your loss. I also rent and have a wood stove for heat and had no problem getting insurance. They just wanted a pic of the certification on the stove or something like that. I’m covered for like $75k for contents. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I sent them a pic
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    i have a couple of rods that you might use, not the best but they are just in storage. Live in Qualicum
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    SLAMMEN EM New Member

    Hi Robert, I just read your post, March 4, thank you very much!

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