Alberni Inlet - Late Fishery!

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by IronNoggin, Oct 18, 2002.

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    Went out with the Metallic One at dawn day before yesterday, down to McTush Creek on the Inlet. From a distance, it looked like a Tsunami was attacking the beach @ McTush! Closer inspection proved the 'wave' to be a school of fish 3 miles long by 1/2 to 1/4 mile wide - so many the Hummingbird began marking BOTTOM at 12-16 feet (in 60-90 feet of H20!!).
    Simply grabbed my light rod and fired a purple-ish jig into the mass - didn't settle more than a couple of feet, the BAM! Doggie ON! WOW power for the size! Poor old Abu really straining to handle! Repeated cast after cast for 3 or so hours. End result - better than 50 EACH caught and released - 8 Superbrights in the tub (and now just about fini'd smoking - looking DELICIOUS!).
    Fish were about 50% coloured, 50% bright (some so bright no bars visible! Excellent!) Doggies were aggressive enough for the whole time there - I think a LATER start next time!
    A couple of boats slid in as we departed - us trolling (for the first time all day) with a coyote - NO response to that one, but I hear purple hootchies did some damage later on in the day.
    Another bio-type informs me they like yellow jigs as well. Hmmmm - another experiment in the making.
    VERY happy to find this fishery - just in time to salvage this drought ridden fall. Looks like a week or so of FUN developing!
    I'd be there today, if the wifey wasn't off work and requesting 'home-boy' support (yardwork-OUCH!)
    Get there if you can! Look for the whaler with two Abu-Abusers grinning! Hopefully see some of you enjoying on the local pond.
    Tight Lines (Ruff, ruff!)

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