Alberni Inlet 2015

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fishspoon, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. c.askin

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    thanks for your information Tripaka but I am still confused I dont see any Quick reply or Post Quick reply at the bottom of the entry like you have shown me..............what am I missing?
  2. c.askin

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    okay its there now but it doesnt normally show at the bottom.......C.A.
  3. high tide

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    Fished the 20th and 22nd with the Pack ..... started about 5:30 am and were done between 8 and 9 with 7 limits ........ lots of Fresh beauties around ...... 45 to 65 feet to start then down to 85 later. Light pink to red tiny mini hootchies ...... 20 to 24 inch leaders with ANY flasher worked no need for attractors.

    Have at er ....... its a gas but the Commercials were setting up yesterday when we left. Not stellar spring fishing yet but a few at Vernon, Diplock, the Wall ...... and yes off shore if the wind is down.

    Good Hali fishing too ..... off shore.

    Good luck
  4. Big_Shank

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    Been at China creek since 6am today. Not a single bite other than a rockfish the second I put a white power grub on the bottom. I am using a deep six, size 2 to dive, 24" behind that I've got a half size hotshot green flasher, and 24-30" behind the flasher I've got a mini pink squirt. I've tried a monkey puke full size flasher, a green onion full size flasher, purple haze full size flasher, and a rotating purple haze triangle flasher. Tried between 30-75' deep and no bites. There were at least a hundred boats in the inlet this morning with most of them cleaning up and heading back early before noon. I noticed some using red, others using green, and others using other colors of flashers, with long leaders, and short. Tried a bunch of stuff today but still no bites...

    Any advice is appreciated, I'm just sitting out the wind currently and hoping to get back out for the 7pm bite if the wind allows it...
  5. Part Timer

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    Big shank. Was out this morning, caught 12 and lost about the same. I will be there again in the morning. My boat is in berth C-6. I will be there by 5.15. Can give you some pointers and gear if needed.
  6. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    Try using hot spot red flasher with silver stickers on it or green hot spot with silver stickers on it as well. very short leaders......slow speed.. 30 to 75 feet. red or pink mini squirts are good. You may get fish on your next trip. good luck
  7. LowTide

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    We were there yesterday but got out late (10:30) due to various reasons. It was our first attempt at sockeye fishing and we managed one before the wind got to bad. We set up with the same setup on both riggers. One 8" red flasher off the ball, two more of the same at five foot intervals up from the ball on three to four foot leaders and then a large red or green flasher with small bubblegum hootchies ten feet above that on 25" leaders, ten feet up from the other flashers and ten feet back from the cable. I think we would have done better if there hadn't been so much netting going on. I hit mine at about 80 feet at noon. we were going about 1 3/4 mph. Alberni Sockeye.jpg
  8. Big_Shank

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    Thanks for the offer, we were just there for the day though or I would have taken you up on some tips!

    Everyone else that replied, thanks or the help. I believe we went wrong with dummy flashers, or our lack of using them rather. My buddy hooked into one across the bay right before dark last night and lost it due to poor netting skills. I don't think I would make another trip to port for that fishery again unless it was an entire weekend. One day is not enough to be able to figure it all out.
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  9. jffisher

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    We were there Sunday and Monday . We bagged 20 fish and missed at least double that . Many doubles triples and one quadruple header . Best depths were 55. In front of China creek was really slow as soon as we moved to the narrows and namint it was non stop action. Some nicer 6-7 pounders were starting to show up.
  10. sailfisher

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    We are heading up this afternoon with my two little girls and we hope to get into some fish with them tomorrow. Where abouts is the narrows in relationship to China creek?

    Thanks for the reports and any other updates on where the bite is on is really appreciated.

  11. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    when you go out of China Creek breakwater, turn left, look at the narrows on the horizon. you ll see lots of boats depending on the schools of fish moving.
  12. Tripitaka

    Tripitaka Member

    Heading over there tonight for the weekend; never fished it before. For those that know the fishing here, what advice can you give? I know a lot of folks head out early but is early 04:30? 06:00? I'm reading that 45'-80' is where it is at and slow speeds but I don't normally use dummy flashers etc, are they essential or do they make a big difference? Seems flasher colour isn't important but what about leader lengths? I've heard 'short' but I'm an engineer...short could be 5" or 35"! Pink and black hootchies seem to be the ticket, what else seems to work.

    I'm taking the family out so it would be nice to get some action but above all, I'm looking to learn and progress.
  13. JuandeOne

    JuandeOne Well-Known Member

    I would say earlier the better as winds and sun come up as noon approaches and fishing can be difficult.

    Flash makes a difference for sure. should have a minimum of 4 flashers trailing behind your boat whether all fishing or using a couple dummies.

    Alot of people go as short as 20" leaders but I have always used 27" with great sucess.

    Otherwise stick to the 3 S's. Troll slow, straight line patterns and use sparse miniplankton hootchies.

    Until the sun gets too bright, 35 to 65 is a good depth range to start.
  14. Delray

    Delray Member

    I agree with Juandeone
    We were on the water,fishing, by 10 to 5 last weekend and had 7 fish is the boat by 10 past 5. That is the best we have ever done in alberni. We typically run one dummy flasher off cannon ball then stack two rods 10 feet apart on each side. 62 feet on the rigger,rods at 52- 42. Green hotspot flasher 10-12 feet back from clip. 24-25 inch leader to lure of choice. Pink and black were the ticket for us,but, we also had success using pink with glow head ( which is generally my go to when fishing sockeye ).
    Speed is important, we will do small turns( side to side really ) just to speed one side up and slow the other down until we have a bite, then we know what our speed should be.
    When you find the fish, stay on them, turn around and go back to where you caught your last one,we will often do a figure eight pattern if space allows. You don't always have to fish with the crowd.
    Once you have hooked a fish remember to be gentle with the rod. These are not springs. They have soft mouths and, in my experience , do not require " setting the hook" the rod coming off the clip is all that is required.
    The best piece of advice I have read is. When bringing the fish to the boat keep the rod tip Down. (on the water surface down) . As soon as their nose comes out of the water they start going nuts. Keeping the tip down allows you to keep the thrashing to a minimum.

    Good luck to you. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with the fam.
  15. Tripitaka

    Tripitaka Member

    Thanks for the tips! The rod down tip is an alien concept to me and against everything I've ever learnt so it will take a bit of practice I think!

    What length do you have the dummy flashers back off the cannonball?
  16. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    For sockeye use a black single hook .for some reason sockeye prefer a black hook over a nickle plated or a ss finish on them.
  17. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    thx for the reports guys ,great ta here the seine fishery didnt dent it to badly yet
    same plans for the Commercial fleet next week im reading , get em while ya can !!
    gonna give it one more go this wknd ,
    love my canned sox , report on return ,
    if anyone fishes the nahmint area , let us know if it picks up if ya could ,
    little closer from the nook is all

    thx in advance

  18. Delray

    Delray Member

    3 to 4 feet for dummy flasher.
    Big hooks as well 4 to 6 size. The vast majority of these fish (all?) will be keepers, so damage from using a large hook is not an issue, compared to when releasing undersized fish or fish of the wrong species.
    This is what works for us, others will have their go to set ups as well.
  19. runamuk

    runamuk Member

    limited out in Nahmint this morning
  20. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Member

    I'd like drive up to china creek tonight and launch in the morning. I've never been there before. Could I sleep in a parking lot and launch at 4 am or how does it work? Is there places to park vehicles? Any advice would be great thanks. Or would it be better to just go to the launch in town?


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