[Alaska] Halibut charter captain caught in undercover sting gets jail

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    Halibut charter captain caught in undercover sting gets jail
    Anchorage Daily News / adn.com
    (01/19/11 14:34:40)

    A halibut sport fishing guide who worked out of Ninilchik has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and 40 hours of community service, as well as fined $5,000, for crimes committed on a charter whose passengers included two undercover wildlife troopers.

    Arthur C. Aho was sentenced Tuesday on two counts of aiding a sport fishing client in the commission of a violation, one count of waste of fish, one count of falsifying his sport fishing guide logbook and one count of retaining a halibut while guiding, the state Department of Public Safety said.

    The crimes stem from a July 10, 2009, trip booked through Ninilchik Saltwater Charters & Lodge. Onboard were two Alaska Wildlife Troopers working covertly and four other clients, the state said.

    The clients could legally catch two halibut each. Aho helped one retain five halibut and another retain three. After 12 halibut were caught in all, the clients kept fishing for larger halibut. One was caught and Aho told a deckhand to toss overboard a smaller fish that had been lying on the deck for 40 minutes, the state said.

    The boat's logbook incorrectly showed each client caught two halibut, the state said. State District Court Judge Margaret Murphy also revoked Aho's sport fish guide licenses and barred him form buying another for two years, the state said.

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