Advise on mounting radar dome / Mount or wedge??

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  1. Slabby20

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    I'm in the process of mounting a fishing/radar arch on my 21' walkaround. The arch has 4 rocket launcher rod holders. My question is: How would you mount the dome? I'll need to get some forward angle to compensate for how the boat rides. Do I need to use a 4" or 5" mount to get the radar's aft beam to clear the rocket launchers or would just using a 4 or 5 degree wedge mounted right on the arch pad be OK?

    Appreciate any advice you might have. Any recommendations on mounts or wedges??


  2. nedarb2

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    i think you wedge it to help compensate for the angle, would make sense.. i guess it depends on do you want the more accurate reading while crusing or trolling?
  3. Northof49

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  4. bee15

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    nounted mine to a round base plate then had base welded to archat at reccomended angle.
  5. TenMile

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    I've got mine mounted on a Seaview radar mount on my hardtop. It's on the downward slope of the hardtop and the mount itself has a 6 degree downward angle. Overall, the radar looks downward about 10 degrees or so when the boat is flat, and is level while running on plane. In theory this gives me a better view while running and a shorter view while trolling or anchored. My opinion is that I'd rather be able to see farther/clearer while I am running faster. a sport boat where the radar is probably only 8' above the water line at best, the angle really won't make that big of a difference with distance. Because you're so low, your view of the horizon is really about 3-5 miles away. Radar doesn't shoot out in a flat plane, it shoots out like a doughnut so even though the dome is tilted, it will still get it's signal out and back. A 12mi radar can easily send its doughnut the 3-5 miles when tilted.

    So...just get it above your rocket launchers and you'll be set.

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