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    I had the pleasure of taking a friend and his parents fishing this past summer. My friend mentioned his parents had some mobility issues that may make things a little tough. I thought a was prepared but quickly realized that wasn't the case.
    From getting them down the dock to getting in the boat,getting them seated and comfortable to holding a rod and playing a fish. It was all more than I or my friend was ready for.
    At the end of the day it was well worth the effort, a great time had by all.
    Any tips or suggestions to make things a little easier for the next time would be appreciated.

    Thanks RNR
  2. Trophy

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    Key here is ‘Planning”
    - test ability to hold rod and reeling. Adjustments like leaving rod in holder or using level wind reels with big handles vs. single action reels.
    - Shorter stiffer trolling rods vs. mooching rods.
    - scope out launches with big docks, ramps with easy access, fish high tides so ramps are not as steep
    - fish non busy times, a nice lunch can make the day just as much as catching a fish for seniors, pick calm water day, etc
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  3. casper5280

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    Two able bodied people and a short stepladder/step for getting them in and out of boat.
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  4. Cuba Libre

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    Safety lanyard on the rods-- just in case.
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  5. N2013

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    - I stick the old man in the boat prior to launching. It's easier for him to climb into/out of the boat on level ground, then step down in the boat.
    - When we're fishing, I'll set the hook and get the line tight before passing over the rod. We use single action because it's about the experience, not catching. For somone who hasn't fished much, a levelwind would be a better alternative. He'll stay seated the entire time, but I have to do some positioning and adjusting of the boat to keep the fish on his side. Also keep the boat in gear as well, speed up/slow down to assist with tension on the fish.
    - Once you're about to drop your gear down, pass the rod to them so they get the feeling of the rod and what it may feel like with a fish on. I'll drop my cannonball down a bit so they can feel the pressure, then bring it up 15' or so and explain to them that it's import to keep tension on the fish and if they feel this, they need to reel line in. A bit of a crash course. Explain the drag system to them, palming, etc, if they're competent.
    - Sometimes I'll help and push the rod back towards them, thus keeping their rod tip up should their grip strength be weak or if they're unable to anchor the rod against themselves.
    - Use a scotty striker and keep the rod in the holder when ur hooked up when bottom fishing.
    - Like trophy said, stay away from the crowds and pick your days if you're able.
    - Keep it fun and lower expectations. They might not want/be able to pound the water for 10 hours and a 4am rise. Adjust to your audience.

    Best of luck.
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    I take a lot of people fishing and some are old timers and 1 buddy is a quadriplegic. I find my biggest problem is getting them in and out of the boat, like others have said I pick my times and docks/launches when it's not busy. I will also keep in mind high tides. I find that once in the boat they are all fine and most just want to be part of the experience. It's not always about them catching the fish just that they helped in someway being it steering the boat, holding the rod or bonking the fish. I think you will find most are just happy that you asked them to come and be part of it all.
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  7. halimark

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    No suggestions as I have not encountered but a good job to you RNR for doing it.

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    RODNREEL Active Member

    Thanks for all the great suggestions guys.

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