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Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by Pippen, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Was wondering "how" I go about mentioning someone in a post as I saw that in one of the alerts; essentially tagging them in a post.

    I don't see an option in the Editor above but under the "Insert" drop down to the left of the Media Gallery Camera Icon there is "Code" in the drop down. Does this need to be turned on or added to the editor function? One shouldn't have to use a BB Code all the time as in the help link below most functionality is IN the editor bar.

    Was looking at this in help here.

    Looking at

    - Profile Linking
    Links to a user's profile. This is generally inserted automatically when tagging a user.

    Pippen - Test
    @Pippen - Test
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    NEVERMIND.......just figured it out! The "output" makes sense now. :oops:

    So I just type @ and then type their name directly AFTER the symbol and it tags them in a post. It brings up their username in a little pop up that you click on.

    @Test Pilot @scott craven @Adler @Kildonan @Striper @TheBigGuy @Carl Z

    You guys should all see a notification now (if you have them turned on) and you should get an alert that you were mentioned in a post.
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    Yup, alerts received.
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