Action Required - Potential Fin FIsh Closure from Long Beach to Swiftsure for SRKW

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  1. scott craven

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    DFO are a federal arm of gov't.
    The Greens hold no power at the federal level.
    Am I missing something ?
  2. the fog ducker

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    sent yesterday
    thanks to all involved behind the SFBC curtain

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  3. fish brain

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    They can ask questions in the house and raise the level of awareness on this issue
  4. OldBlackDog

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  5. OldBlackDog

    OldBlackDog Well-Known Member

    They lobby in Ottawa all the time.

    They are in the press with their opinions.
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  6. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    and they have the ear of DFO Minister LeBlanc and more importantly Trudeau.
  7. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Deadline for Comments is TODAY!!!

    If you haven't get yours in NOW!

  8. feelin swell

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  9. Ocean Jade

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    Just listened to radio show about
  10. Ocean Jade

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    CBC right now has a talk show on whales
  11. Ocean Jade

    Ocean Jade Member

    88.1 mid island
  12. feelin swell

    feelin swell Member

    Should such vast, extreme, and guesswork closures go ahead causing untold financial pain across the board. Com, FN, Rec, business, towns, villages, may consider going class action. Perhaps DFO/feds can work that precautionary thought into their timetable. RCMP fed agency has CA against them I believe.
  13. cohochinook

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  14. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Actually the Opposition is probably the folks that can do you the most good in this situation.They are always looking for ways to embarrass and “oppose” the government and call them out on a bad decision! Once the government has made a decision, their own members will support that decision and tow the party line, publicly anyway!If you can get the government members attention prior to the decision being made, you have some traction, but after that decision they will support their leader or be disciplined by the Party. We are passed the government decision phase (IMO) so the opposition is the best option! Plus not a lot of Liberal seats at stake!
  15. ziggy

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  16. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    There is ZERO coincidence that there is not a single one of Pierre's Idiot Child's crew holding a seat adjacent to any of these closures.

  17. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Absolutely,nothing at risk by screwing local fishermen because they haven’t voted Liberal in the past and likely won’t next election either. On the other hand there’s the target rich environment of guilt ridden blue hairs and naieve,wide eyed hipsters across Canada who will vote to save the World based on what the enviro industry tells them they have to do, without ever actually having to think. So while they may not win or gain support in the riding they are hurting, overall across the board they may pick up support.
    Trick is now to let the opposition members who were elected last go around know if they don’t start banging the drum for their constituents, they’ll get fired! Having said that some will be hesitant to take a side because if they are NDP or Green, they also want the blue hair and hipster vote. They are counting on us to hold our noses and vote for them, because the enviros won’t and we always do!Time to let them no this isn’t the case, either they speak out or they are gone.
  18. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    So last week I saw a "giant dolphin" on South Bank. In searching for some pictures, I came across this document from 2011.
    There is some interesting info in there about Orca sightings. If a scientist from another country was to examine the document, there is no way he or she would ever recommend that closing Big Bank or Swiftsure would make a difference, since there really are not many sightings there. Page 37 is a place to start.
    I believe I saw a false killer whale, btw.

    Can figure out how to post a link to a pdf
    Google: Marine Mammals of British Columbia Current Status, Distribution and Critical Habitats
    John Ford Linda Nichol
  19. feelin swell

    feelin swell Member

    I think the significance of noise and human presence doesn't add up to what I also see out there also evidenced by your picture.

    Sure human activity and acoustic noise can go too far, but I'm sure many of us have had KW's come along out of the blue, and literally go beside us and under us chasing after food. If they were that affected by boat noise and bothered they wouldn't be doing that. All kinds of creatures have adapted to human presence and in my experience KW's are no different. Look how coyotes and deer have adapted to the human presence. Its adapt or die and they've adapted. I think acoustic noise level concerns should be taking a back seat to what may really be affecting them....toxicity, pollution, and disease. Disease is perhaps the least understood but is becoming more and more evident. Advances in technology are allowing measurements of chemicals and disease in the freshwater and marine environment as never before. These proposed closures are simply primitive, blunt force measures that do not address the real systemic problems affecting the freshwater, estuary and marine ecosystems. These ecosystems appear to be out of sync. More research is needed to answer the mysteries. I think DFO is really dropping the ball on the west coast fishery and needs to prioritise better. To the DFO this is out of their league to fix and to the feds just too difficult and expensive. So its just easier and cheaper to cut out fishing as the solution. Bloody hell ...another rant....where's the beer.
  20. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    “To the DFO this is out of their league to fix and to the feds just too difficult and expensive. So its just easier and cheaper to cut out fishing as the solution.”

    As sad as it is, I believe this is the closest thing to the truth I’ve heard yet.
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