Action Required - Potential Fin FIsh Closure from Long Beach to Swiftsure for SRKW

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    It is unfortunate , but many of us do not use social media such as facebook.

    You are right , it does mean that, and personally I think the TAX payer should be pissed off.. the companies making their living from ROR should be paying, The Whale watchers should be made pay .... Anyone know if JT went whale watching this time on his holiday .. not the India debacle ?

    He is actively promoting the WW industry .. He is actively advocating FN ventures relating to WW and so called Eco tourists, simply they are setting up a master franchise..

    DO we really believe he will come down on the Fish Farm industry, this when he is promoting the Hatchery program simply to feed the Orca..
    Yea he is/we are caught in a PSA rat trap.
    We are simple given table scraps, Sport fisher get what's left over..
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    Listen to the podcast above
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    Rebuilding stocks mean cutting out harvesting salmon.

    Most engo look at hatcheries as messing up the gene pool of natural rearing salmon.

    I may be wrong but I’m guessing not many ENGOs are calling for more hatchery production. My guess is their is probably more calling for less.
  4. wildmanyeah

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    The pacific salmon foundation is also very quiet on this issue.

    What are their recommendations?
  5. ziggy

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    You could be right I took “more than conservation” to mean more than reducing catch and the second part “must support rebuilding stock “ as supporting environmental cleanup and hatcheries”. Like I said I don’t follow them.
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    It’s plain as day what the motivation is.

    The leaders of this Org are raking in the bucks while preaching that everyone cut lifestyle and they cut none.

    Check out Al Gore stats:

    “In a 2017 report, the National Center for Public Policy Research revealed Gore’s mansion uses 34 times more electricity than the average home in the U.S. Gore’s 10,070-square-foot Nashville home burns on average 19,241-kilowatt hours (kWh) per month, in contrast to the average U.S. home of 901 kWh each month.”

    Decaprio flies private jet around the world to spew his ignorance. All the while saying he planted a few trees to offset. LMAO!

    These people are damn fakes. The lowest form of scum. David Suzuki is right up there with the rest of the hypocritcal clowns.

    None of them have anywhere near the conviction to put their money where their mouth is. Just like socialism, it’s for the people, not the politicians.

    Screw em all.
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  8. seascene

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    Al Gore stats:

    “In a 2017 report, the National Center for Public Policy Research revealed Gore’s mansion uses 34 times more electricity than the average home in the U.S. Gore’s 10,070-square-foot Nashville home burns on average 19,241-kilowatt hours (kWh) per month, in contrast to the average U.S. home of 901 kWh each month.”

    The doc tells you quit smoking. You don’t because after all the doc smokes. What is being said is ignored. Gore, DiCaprio, Suzuki all these guys are just “ the doc”. The alt right attack on all the “docs” is just old time tactic of diversion... same thing we do with our kids at times. The “what” of being said is here:

    Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got. Nothing has changed except that there are more and more humans doing what we’ve always done.... infinitely consuming a finite planet. Oceans are garbage dumps so is the atmosphere. A few years back with just aerosol cans we punched a hole through it. Unfiltered space radiation in, life on earth out. Science plugged the hole. We forgot about the whole thing.

    Advertisers know nothing has changed. (Island Fisherman, Aug 2018 Pg 29)... the Titanic.

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    Just watched the 6 CTV news, Suzuki's org has now called for an immediate stop of all commercial salmon fishing in the SRKW known "I say assumed" feeding areas, he also accused the noise and harassment of whale watchers as another reason the whales are starving (I say probable) and called for its immediate stop, stoppage of sport fisherman was not enough. This freak will never stop his craziness, agree to the fake description above.

  10. Floater

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    Yea yea yea. I see nothing but naïveté showing in your post.
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    And this is why the public will agree with them.
  12. halimark

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    Just watched CTV Van Isle news, tonight's rebuttal by a sport fishing rep and a whale watching rep to last nights crazy nut job Suzuki Org's request. Excellent job, thank you who ever organized some sensible news. Thanks to CTV for showing another side of the issue, interviews were real, truthful and to the point with more food (salmon) as the real answer. Only watch CTV now, cant bare to watch fake news Global anymore. Good job and good to see, thanks.

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    Why do all the NGO types look like degenerates?
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    That is what happens when you are otherwise unemployable and rely on handouts to sustain yourself.
  15. halimark

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    Mostly because they are. A true representation of how messed up they are.

  16. SpringVelocity

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    I am glad you guys are starting to realize what is going on. It's important for us all to call out the bullshit when we see it. You are seeing coordinated movement right now because the transmountain pipeline is entering construction phase. Remember these groups are funded by the US that doesn't want that pipeline to go through. The whales are a smokescreen. I find the entire thing sad for southern whales. These groups have no recovery plan at all and have made all of us weaker pushing Dfo for my salmon enhancement. Also remember suzuki fishes each year in Haida Gwaii chasing big salmon around. How the F his group can stand and preach to close salmon fishing is beyond me. He visits outpost last summer takes a picture with a salmon then a month later writes article for Vancouver Sun to close sportfishing? He also was seen at a lodge this year. Not sure where it was.
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    It’s a business for them. The Green movement, as it stands today, is filled with well meaning but ignorant people, while the leaders know exactly what they are doing.

    The same can be said for the parasitic SJW movement.
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    “The situation for Fraser River chinook couldn’t be worse. We’re asking the government to immediately close chinook fisheries to protect these fish and the endangered southern resident killer whales that depend on them for food. Our message to chinook fisheries is: Don’t wait for closures; volunteer now to stop fishing chinook,” says David Suzuki Foundation Western Canada director Jay Ritchlin.

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    That statement came out 4 weeks after this picture.
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    Flipping hypocrite!

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