Action Required - Potential Fin FIsh Closure from Long Beach to Swiftsure for SRKW

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  1. Clint r

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    Fisheries out of federal hands and managed provincialy?
  2. Floater

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    Notice I never mentioned a party name?

    Can anyone name me a Canadian party that supports limited Gov in our personal life and supports our culture?

    It seems the Left side of politics loses sleep at night worrying that they can’t control the minds of people and the Right side of politics pretends to be the opposite.

    All I know is, on the ground, Right of center people just want to be left alone, tend to think with logical minds and not with emotions. Just my view.
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  3. calmsea

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    We had the ball rolling under the BCliberals? Yeah, damming our last few pristine steelhead rivers for Campbell's run-of-river IPP projects, over allocating most of the interior rivers with water licences and finally laying off every technical expert the Province had employed to introduce the Professional Reliance Model so that large corporate interests could bulldoze their way through any environmental assessment process. Ruined this Province, well done!
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  4. The Jackel

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    Can someone enlighten me, i heard that the committee that is in charge of these changes if made up of DFO and a couple representatives from the Raincoast Conservation Society, is this true?? If it is, this is so wrong, where is a rec rep, commercial rep, should they not have people at the table. Maybe what i heard was total bs, does anyone have the facts, thanks.
  5. Admin

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    It's Saturday morning and good old political ideology has filtered it's way back into this thread. The only "political" consideration that is necessary in this or any other thread on this forum needs to be how to keep turning up the pressure on the current government/DFO, and, when the time comes, to ask the tough questions of all the parties heading into the next election, as to how they will address the many problems facing Salmon in a balanced and equitable way. The whole, "right" leaning governments being rape and pillage and "left" leaning governments being "anti" everything, is largely a myth in Canada to date, so once again, not interested in this debate on a fishing forum so take it someplace else and stick to the topic of the thread.
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  7. ziggy

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    I guess they figure no need to worry about critical habitat when their enviro groups are creating more in Canada. Nice to see the mention that the resident whales really aren’t.
  8. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    This off of Castanet today:

    Nice plug for more whale watchers.

    Photo: The Canadian Press
    The Canadian Press - Jul 25 2:07 pm
    The first calf born in three years to the endangered orcas that spend time in Pacific Northwest waters died Tuesday, the latest troubling sign for a population already at its lowest in more than three decades.

    A dead whale was seen being pushed to the surface by her mother just a half hour after it was spotted alive in the waters off the coast of Victoria, said Ken Balcomb, senior scientist with the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island, which closely tracks each individual whale.

    The mother was seen propping the newborn on her forehead and trying to keep it near the surface of the water, he said. "The baby was so newborn it didn't have blubber. It kept sinking, and the mother would raise it to the surface."

    The distinctive black-and-white whales have struggled since they were listed as an endangered species in the U.S. and Canada over a decade ago. They're not getting enough of the large, fatty Chinook salmon that make up their main diet. They also face threats from toxic pollution and noise and disturbances from boats.

    A statewide task force formed by Gov. Jay Inslee has been meeting since spring to come up with ways to help the population. Efforts include slowing down state ferries to reduce the effect of noise, increasing hatchery production of salmon, training more commercial whale-watching boats to help respond to oil spills, and prioritizing areas where important habitat can be restored to help fish and orcas.

    Balcomb and others say more aggressive measures are needed. They have called for the removal of four dams on the Lower Snake River to restore salmon runs.

    There are just 75 of the orcas, down from 98 in 1995. The number is a concern, but the bigger issue is the reproductive status of the small population, Balcomb said. There are 28 whales of reproductive age, and only 14 have produced calves in the last decade.

    Female orcas have had pregnancy problems because of nutritional stress linked to lack of food. Half of the calves born during a celebrated baby boom several years ago have died. Until Tuesday, no other calf had been born in three years.

    "We know they're getting pregnant. They're not having viable calves," said Balcomb, whose centre keeps the official census of the southern resident killer whales for the U.S. government. "That is really devastating. Without reproduction, there's no survival in the population."

    The southern resident killer whales are distinct from other orcas because they eat mostly fish, rather than seals or other marine mammals. Individual whales are also identified by unique markings or variations in their fin shapes, and each whale is given a number and name.
  9. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Baby Whale seen alive just before determined it was now dead.
    Maybe the Whale Watchers or viewers were to close and disturbed the mother and calf ........ Makes ya wonder about the chaser boats doesnt it.
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  10. terrin

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    British Columbia needs to step up to the plate and get the Fish Farms out of the Ocean as there are no borders for the SRKW.
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  11. SpringVelocity

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    lighthouse brewing 2.JPG

    Don't buy lighthouse beer. They are donating a dollar to Georgia Straight Alliance for every 4 pack of beer sold for GSA Orca campaign. Too bad lost me as a customer!
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  12. wildmanyeah

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    How is GSA going to use the the money they recieve “save the whale”
  13. ziggy

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    Once again you have to ask if the calves are dieing as a result of poor genetics caused by inbreeding. Time for DFO and their American counterparts to recognize the capture of so many whales in the 60’s and 70’s diluted the gene pool to where those left are not going to have healthy offspring. That would mean accepting responsibility, so it ain’t gonna happen! Keep ignoring the effect of their actions and blame recreational fishers!
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  14. fish brain

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    From their website it looks like they plan to use their donations to lobby Justin and DFO.
    I am going to contact Lighthouse and tell them they could have done something useful, like support the Sooke Net Pen project. I can't tell you how many gallons of Lighthouse beer I have consumed over the years.
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  16. SpringVelocity

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  17. wildmanyeah

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    If you guys get a contact of Lighthouse, Please share it

  18. SpringVelocity

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  19. SpringVelocity

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    You can comment on their face book page. This ad is up there.
  20. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    I took this from the link

    “Salmon stocks need more than conservation measures to protect them; fisheries management actions must support rebuilding stocks”.

    Am I missing something? Sounds to me like they are talking hatcheries? Don’t know much about them so just going by the link!

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