Action Required - Potential Fin FIsh Closure from Long Beach to Swiftsure for SRKW

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    I had this sent to me and thought I would share it, as I am sure forum members would like to give input:

    The WCFGA is calling on all members to respond to an invitation for input to DFO on revisions to the Critical Habitat Section of the Species at Risk (SARA) Recovery Strategy for Northern and Southern Killer Whales. Input must be provided by July 11, on a prescribed online comment form.

    As our members know, this is a similar “consultation process” to what was used to arrive at the eventual implementation of a SRKW Refuge Area Recreational Fin Fish Closure in Areas 20, 18 and 29. The current practice is to use Area Refuge Closures as opposed to implementing equally effective 400m bubble zone strategies. Going forward, one of the likely outcomes of expanding the critical habitat to include Swiftsure to LaPerouse Banks will result in similar Area Refuge Recreational Fin Fish closures (closed to all fishing). Once these are in place it is highly probable the closures become permanent.

    We have reviewed the science associated with the SARA Recovery Strategy and have several concerns with assumptions and weak scientific facts being used to support the expansion of the Critical Habitat within the Recovery Strategy. Please use these response points when you complete your online comment:

    • “B.C.’s tidal water recreational fishery, combined with the freshwater fishery, is the largest and most valuable in Canada, valued at $18 billion annually. DFO issues over 350,000 tidal licences per year collecting $7.3 million in fees and the fishery employs around 8,400 British Columbian’s (as of 2012).”
    • Area SRKW Refuge Recreational Fin Fish Closures will cause significant socio-economic harm destroying jobs and economic spin off activities in small coastal communities like Ucluelet, Port Alberni, Bamfield, Port Renfrew, Sooke and Victoria.
    • Killer whales are only very rarely present on LaPerouse Bank, and there is no documented evidence from passive acoustic monitoring to clearly demonstrate this is actually critical habitat. DFO science is making an assumption that because areas of LaPerouse Bank are important areas for commercial and recreational Chinook fishing that they area similarly important to killer whales.
    • According to Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM), killer whales are only present on Swiftsure Bank 43% of monitored days between May to September – broad Area Refuge closures impact recreational fishing opportunity during significant periods where the whales are not present.
    • There is no comparative analysis that demonstrates the effectiveness of Area Closure vs a mobile “bubble” strategy
    • More effort is required to scientifically determine if indeed there is any less benefit to be achieved using a “bubble” strategy which is less impactful – striking a balance between protection and economic activity
    • In the past ______ years, I have fished areas of LaPerouse Bank, and observed killer whales only ____ times. (your observations are very important)
    • In the past ______years, I have fished areas of Swiftsure Bank, and observed killer whales only ____times. (your observations are very important)
    • Given these observations, there is little scientific data to support expanding the critical habitat areas, especially on LaPerouse Bank where killer whales are very rarely encountered and there is no scientific evidence to support DFO Science claims.

    Here’s DFO’s request for input – please take time to write in your input:

    Why we are seeking input?

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Parks Canada Agency (PCA) would like your feedback on the revised critical habitat section (section 7) of the Species at Risk Act (SARA) draft Amended Recovery Strategy for the Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in Canada.

    Key points for discussion
    • The draft Amended Recovery Strategy updates the critical habitat for Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales based on new science advice
    • It identifies two additional areas of special importance as proposed critical habitat for Resident Killer Whales. These include:
      • waters on the continental shelf off southwestern Vancouver Island, including Swiftsure and La Pérouse Banks (important for both Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales)
      • waters of west Dixon Entrance, along the north coast of Graham Island from Langara to Rose Spit (important for Northern Resident Killer Whales)
    • The amendment also provides clarification of the functions, features and attributes for all critical habitat identified for Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales
    How to provide input
    The deadline for submitting comments on section 7 (critical habitat) of the draft Amended Recovery Strategy is July 11, 2018. Please note, feedback is only being sought on section 7 (pages 55 to 68); feedback on other sections will not be considered at this time. If you choose to submit comments, please use the online comment form.

    After we have received your feedback and finalized the draft Amended Recovery Strategy, a proposed document will be posted to the SARA Public Registry for a 60-day public comment period. The Government of Canada will then have 30 days to incorporate comments before posting the final document on the Species at Risk Public Registry.

    Here is the Comment Form Link Address:
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    DFO needs to be called out on the lack of SARA listing protection for many threatened/endangered salmon stocks, many of which are contributing to the SRKW related closures, as well as the lack of any meaningful “critical habitat” definition and protection for those few salmon stocks actually listed. They should be forced to rationalize the apparent double standard they want to apply - ie massive blanket areas w/ limited science-based support for a spp like srkw vs no or minimal protections for spp like Interior Fraser coho, with much better science on critical habitat requirements for the latter (like minimum environmental flows for incubation and freshwater rearing!)


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    Hi Ukee,

    Make sure you do the online comments which is only open until July 11th:
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    Thanks for the link, commented
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    Here is a map of the proposed critical habitat area.

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    Here’s the underlying problem with everything the government is saying here. The government of Canada are the ones who have MANAGED our fishery into the state it’s in now! So now the Government of Canada is telling us that they’v got the answers and this is how they’re going to save the chinook and the killer whales at the same time.But don’t ask too many questions about FN fishing rights or Billionaires and Millionaires Quota rights, nope, this is all being dumped on sporty because they’re not organized and they don’t speak with a unified voice, so they’re an easy dupe. Call Andrew Sheer, time to vote Conservative. Where’s BC’s Premier? It might also be time for BC to step out of line and tell Ottawa that no thanks, we’ll take care of our fishery, we don’t need or want your input. Nobody tells Alberta what to do with their oil, nobody should be able to tell BC what to do with our salmon fishery, certainly not from Sooke to Prince Rupert, the inside waters are our coastline, it’s time we controlled it. Why is our fishery different than Lake Ontario chinook and coho fishery, that gene pool is from bc fish. This is long overdue
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    Thank you for sharing!
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    Yikes! Feedback given.

    Could this be potentially implemented in 2018?
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    Those of us who fish Haida Gwaii had better research the map of the northern island. That is also a large area of potential closure as well. Just finished my "online comment form" for all it is worth.
    Thanks for alerting us on this Ammended Recovery Strategy.
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    Done, wow that's a big area they are proposing. The killers out here 9 times out of 10 are transient seal eaters, the ones they are trying to protect food for don't seem to come up ukee way. Killer Whales are very rarely seen out of Ukee, people that come whale watching to Ucluelet come to see Gray and Humpbacks if they want to see Killer Whales they go else where because Killer whale sightings are so remote. Bunch of tree hugger scientists that are playing a guessing game with the future of many coastal towns. May need some public disobedience to get seen by the media and get some coverage on this so the coastal fishery can be heard.
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    Just submitted my comments to the DFO. This is really insane, in talking with a friend who is a biologist at the DFO, I was told toxins not food were the biggest issue for Killer Whales. I was also told these closures were political , as tanker traffic has a negative impact on killer whales, this way the feds look like they give a dam about our coast as they build their pipeline. I feel it is time our provincial government stepped up and push back on the feds. If this closure happens and sports fisherman dont push back hard, then this will be the start of the end of fishing and much faster than I think anyone expected. There is so much they could be doing to save the killers whales, and instead they propose this closure which is cheaper for the feds, while the cost will be passed on to the local communities where businesses will be wiped out. I hope this is a wake up call for all those impacted by sport fishing.
  13. GDW

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    That map if accurate is insane. Somebody should add the current otter point to east point closure on there as well to paint a clearer picture of how much of the coast they are proposing to shut down.

    I commented last time, didn't even get a response. The comments are a procedural matter only - they don't care.
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  14. Andrew Smith

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    Recreational fishing isn’t the problem, commercial fishing is. That, along with netting rivers to completely decimate the numbers of salmon can, and will continue to result in what we have done to the salmon numbers.

    If you truly care about the fishing around Vancouver island go to the root of the problem.
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  16. Blackmax

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    We have been screwed over by these environmental groups , I think it’s time we support the pipeline publicly and see if DFO and feds help us.
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    I have fished this area many times in my life and have never seen a Killer Whale, has anyone else seen many?
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  19. chevy guy

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    Anything the DFO is in charge of is DOOMED. They're track record speaks for itself.
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    Looks like the plan is to close one area, wait a bit and then close the next! Keeps the recreational community divided and easy to pick off one at a time I guess. If they closed them all at once there would have been a much bigger outcry, this way they rely on the “my areas not closing or mines already closed”, well played! I bet some still haven’t sussed out the end game.

    I’m still writing to the politicians in Area 18, have yet to receive a response, which doesn’t bode well for them getting my vote! I have followed up with a second letter to let them know I’m not going away and will continue to write them until I get an answer from them, not their staff! But I’m sure others never bothered or have just given up and that’s exactly what they are counting on!
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