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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Prawn Star, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Prawn Star

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    Has anyone ever put a foot switch on their puller. I emailed Ace and they don't sell them and suggested I research on how to do it. Suggestions???
  2. Wild Bill

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    How many amps? Probably simplest to put it through a relay or solenoid.
    You want momentary contact, foot pressure winch on? If you use a relay you need a good sealed switch, water in the switch can be enough to keep the relay activated once turned on. Got a call to a loader on an airbus A310 that almost took out a cargo door because of it. Just if you got your tie stuck in the winch and it didn't turn off.
    Without relay if it's 30 to 50 amps don't know what's available.
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  3. Wild Bill

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  4. Prawn Star

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    Thanks Wild Bill
  5. michael_reiber

    michael_reiber Active Member

    Ive never done it but it would be super easy to do, I think they're 30amp but I could be wrong, like Wild Bill said you could either use a relay so you could then run a smaller amperage rated foot switch which would make it easier to find a comparable foot switch and the foot switch cost would be cheaper, that or you could just buy a foot switch rated for the amperage which might cost a bit more but would save you wiring in the relay and finding a spot to mount it etc.

    found this one but it was only 25 amp didn't take long to find so I'm sure you will be able to find one that can handle the current you desire.
  6. Sculpin

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